Feeling Refreshed!


All of last week I was exhausted………….in fact beyond exhausted thanks to our big long weekend in garner the weekend before.  Every morning it felt like all I could do to drag myself out of bed and get through each work day.  I kept promising myself that Saturday was coming and that day I could sleep in a rest.  I barely made it through the week but I did.

Friday night I had to work hard to talk myself out of going to sleep at 8 pm but I held out until after the news before crashing into glorious oblivion in our bed secure in the knowledge that I could actually sleep.  I heard nothing until after 8 am on Saturday morning and actually felt like a human being for the first time all week.

We spent Saturday at home getting caught up on everything.  Edward spent most of the day cutting the grass (during the heat of the day when I was pretty sure he would keel over from heat stroke) while I cleaned the house, scrubbed all the floors, finished laundry and actually bought groceries.  Its feels so nice to get caught up on the rest and housework!

I didn’t stay up late on Saturday night either because we had a busy day planned for Sunday.  I was up before dawn to get ready for the Harbor Bridge walk that is held the first Sunday of each month.  Vanessa and I have been doing it and our next walk in October we will qualify for a free t-shirt!  GO US!!!

Good luck finding us in this sea of people!

Good luck finding us in this sea of people!

Each month has been a little bit harder because of the weather.  Today was brutal…..hot and humid beyond words.  Add to that somehow (believe me I have no idea how) we ended up toward the front of the pack with the fast walkers.  That first walk up the bridge my calves were screaming at me and I was sweating so hard I kept getting It in my eyes.


We finished the walk which is a bit over a 5K in about 50 minutes which considering the break Vanessa needed at the top of the bridge on the way back was still pretty good!  I was soaked with sweat but it feels great to be able to do something like that.  We will miss the September walk because we will be on vacation but in October the weather should be cooler and we will be t-shirts!  🙂

After the walk was over we thankfully enjoyed some air conditioning while heading home.  By the time we got to our house Edward was loading up the truck so we could go to the beach.  It’s hard to believe that beach season is rapidly starting to wind down.  There are only two more weeks before we go to Garner and by the time we get home it will be after Labor Day and football season will be starting.  Some friends joined us and it was a lovely day!


We relaxed with friends for a while, played in the water and even took a short nap or two before it was time to head for home.  We made sure to get home a reasonable time and once we unloaded everything and took showers Edward wanted to lay down for a short nap.  We ended up sleeping for 7 pm until almost 9:30!   I actually feel caught up on my sleep.   And pretty sore from my walk earlier today.

I almost forgot I wanted to post this short video of Edward and baby David.  Edward taught him how to give headbutts while we were in Garner.  He is such a laid back kid!

Head Butt!

Now it’s back off to bed to get ready for another week.  Only 21 days until Garner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait!!

Have a great Monday everyone.

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One thought on “Feeling Refreshed!

  1. Kicky

    I am glad you are back posting here. Also I enjoyed “Where’s Waldo”. I think I saw you 😉

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