Another Giuli and Garner Story

Each morning when we got up Giuli would grab my hand and lead me to a chair and tell me to sit down so she could climb on my lap.  Once there she would get her Grandpa to hand her a Pecan Sandie cookie which she would eat ever so slowly. ???????????????????????????????I asked her if I could have a bite and she looked at the cookie and spent the next two minutes breaking off the smallest crumb that you have ever seen  (and trust me you could barely see it!) she happily put in my hand.  It was a crumb even too small for a mouse……!She is such a little goof!

Edward finally got to try out his GoPro camera this trip.  Here is a short video of almost everyone in our favorite swimming hole.  

We are still worn out from our weekend.  Saturday can’t get here soon enough so we can catch up on our rest.  Have a great hump day everyone!

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