Garner Family Fun

I’m going to state for the record that we didn’t go on this long weekend trip because it would be fun or relaxing. We went because it was important for us to do. Edward’s family has always gone together for a week and for the last four years he has missed it. It was time to go back and be part of the experience with me in tow.

It was hot, enjoyable, exhausting, chaotic and I had a toddler hanging off of me or a baby In my arms almost the whole weekend. We sure did get plenty of grandkid play time that’s for sure and the water was nice. It was a great warm up for our vacation!!!

I didn’t even mind sleeping in the tent… fact I really enjoyed waking up to the sunrise each morning and the air mattress was plenty comfortable too. Now a few pictures of the experience………and yes they are in a crazy weird order because I switched chips between cameras which kind of messed up the order and I’m too lazy to fix it. I mean it took me 2 hours to download and save all the pictures as it is!


148_0377 148_0378 148_0382 148_0385 148_0388 148_0393 148_0395 148_0397 148_0402 148_0405 148_0412 148_0422 148_0426 148_0445 148_0450 148_0452 148_0454 148_0455 148_0458 150_0510 150_0512 150_0527 150_0529 150_0530 150_0551 150_0559 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0048 IMG_0055 ???????????????????????????????We learned that Emily already has bigger feet than David does.

Edward taught David how to give head butts. (I’ll post the video soon)

Giulianna screamed Grandma Amy so many times I told her I was changing my name.

Lilly lost two teeth and fell down more than anyone else.

Emilio started calling me Grandma on this trip too.

All the kids sleeping in one bed with limbs all over place look like a bomb went off.

Smore’s really do taste good and sangria goes down smooth in the river.

Nothing in this world feels as good as a cool shower after a long hot day.

My current growing out hair style is NOT made for was and wear. Yikes! A baseball cap was my friend.

Oh and I get cranky when I get hot, I know that isn’t new but it is true.

And I love all these little monsters even when they wear me out.

Life is good.

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