Hot and Muggy Weekend.

IMG_3339This week is the week of Ed’s family’s annual Garner Vacation.  As usual they take our pop-up and the trailer so we spent Saturday getting things ready for them to go.

I went over to the house with Edward to get things loaded up and he went inside to get something.  With Giuli playing near by on the floor Vanessa asked if I had come along and Ed said that I was outside.

“Giuli, Amy’s outside!”  Vanessa said.

In an instant Giuli stopped what she was doing and started running around the room waving her arms and yelling AMY, AMY, AMY, AMY.  Edward said she was so excited she though she was going to pee like an excited puppy.  Within a few seconds she had  run outside and right into my arms.

Lilly lost a tooth this last week, finally so she was excited to show me that as well as her infected finger.  She has to wear a glove when she’s in the water this week and take antibiotics too.  ???????????????????????????????

Eventually baby David woke up and pretty soon I had him in one arm and Giuli in the other.  Not to mention Lilly wanting me to carry her too.  I told Lilly that my cut off for carrying little girls was 6 years old …………….lol.  David is pulling himself up to stand and trying to walk.  He looks so funny since he is still so little—wearing 6-9 month sizes.

Eventually we got them all packed up and headed home to take our second showers of the day.  Then we did the yard and took our third.

Since our truck was off to hill country there was no beach for us this weekend.  But since there was occasional rain on Sunday that  was probably just as well.  Instead we slept late, ran a few errands, took a nice long nap and relaxed.  I have a lot to get done before we head for Garner on Thursday to join the rest of the family.  1004797_548295945230863_1582518305_n

Thank goodness for short work weeks!!

I can’t believe summer is flying by so quickly.  By the time we get back from our long weekend at Garner there will only be three weeks until our (THANK GOD) vacation.  When we get home Labor Day will be over and football season will be starting.  Sigh………summer goes by too quickly.

Time to go to bed and try to get some sleep.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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