The Dog Days Of Summer

???????????????????????????????I’m not exactly sure off hand where the saying comes from and I’m too lazy to google………but what I do know is that we are certainly in the middle of the dog days of summer.  Its hot and humid and chicharas are singing like crazy.

As usual we have been spending one day and typically one evening at beach which in my opinion is the only good thing about summer.  Well, summer also has our birthdays and anniversary which is kind of fun.  Last Wednesday was our anniversary and even though it was a work night we still went out for a romantic dinner and a movie afterwards.  We learned that Wednesday nights at the movies are awesome with few people and great parking places!!!

???????????????????????????????Thursday evening we invited some good friends to join us at the beach for our usual Thursday night evening.  It was a lovely evening full of plenty of laughs and wine and relaxation.  We ended up having a few more cocktails than we usually do and staying quite a bit later than normal which made Friday morning come awfully early.

Saturday Edward woke me up at the crack of dawn as usual.  But it was nice to get an early start on the weekend.  We drove up to Goliad for their market days  it was a steamy affair to be sure.  But to cool off we went into a Wine/Beer Bar to have a few cocktails and listen to Melissa Brooke perform.    She was actually a student of one of our friends and very good.  It was a great afternoon!!!

By the time we got home Edward and I were ready for a nap!  Between the early start, the heat and plenty of walking laying in a dark cool bedroom sounded like the perfect end to the day.???????????????????????????????

Sunday was, of course our usual beach day.   Although the seaweed had come back it was still a lovely day.  Edward even caught a few fish but the seaweed made it difficult.  We still had a nice day and in this years miracle I didn’t even get sunburned!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve given an update about our cats lately……I’m sure you have missed it. ….Lol

Rascal has decided that his new favorite sleeping spot in the world is right up next to my head.  So I have Edward against me on one side and Rascal on the other.  You should see the maneuvering that has to take place if I need to get up during the night.


Of course when it very hot they like to go outside during the night and then sleep in bed all day so they can enjoy the AC.

935806_10151711716115909_85286700_nWell, I think that’s about it for tonight.  Early bedtime for us!  🙂

Have a great Tuesday!

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