A Lazy Weekend

???????????????????????????????We had a very, very lazy weekend and it was apparently really needed.  Quite honestly we did next to nothing and enjoyed every minute of it.

Thursday afternoon at almost 5 pm I got a text from Edward that asked if I wanted to go to the beach. I enthusiastically said YES and even though I had planned on working a little late shut off everything I was working on and ran out the door.

By 6:15 we had pizza and wine at the beach and were settled in to just relax.

???????????????????????????????The water was so  nice and warm and I had walked about knee-deep just looking around to see what I could see.  A big wave came through and when the water cleared I thought there was another piece of seaweed right in front of me but then I realized that the seaweed had a head!  It was a turtle looking at me!   But then another wave came and he was gone.  Too cool!!  I hadn’t ever seen a turtle in the gulf before.

Edward did a bit of casting with his net to try to catch small fish to use as bait but all he came up with was one little and really hacked off crab.  He didn’t seem to appreciate our help getting him out of the net and back into the water either.

???????????????????????????????It was a very stressful week at work but there is just something about the beach at sunset that makes all of the stress just float away.  I almost hated to go home.

Friday afternoon we had a line of nasty storms roll into the area right about the time to get off work.  181240_10151665164030909_970537212_nThe outflow boundary of the storm arrived with HIGH winds and turned the yard into a dusty storm. It looked nasty and kind of scary.


Edward had dropped me off at work so he had to drive through the mess to come and get me.  Nasty lightening and horrible rain and wind.  The drive home wasn’t any better either!


We did arrive safely home and had just enough time to get changed for the Hooks baseball game with friends that evening.  After the rain moved out it turned out to be a lovely evening for baseball!  I even wore a light jacket which is almost unheard of for June in South Texas!  We wrapped up the evening having a few drinks before heading home to crash.


We had talked about going to the beach one day this weekend but didn’t know which day.  When we didn’t wake up until after 10 am on Saturday morning it was pretty clear we wouldn’t be going that day.  Instead we went out for some shopping.  I needed new shoes and we were looking for decorative items to finish the new bathroom off.  Then it was time for late lunch/early dinner before going back to the house to relax. Oh wait I also had to go get groceries too but THEN it was relaxing time.

I don’t know what was up with me this weekend but I was just worn out tired.  Even after sleeping until 10 am I was sure I could take another nap and was ready for bed at my usual time too.  My body ached and I didn’t feel quite right.  I didn’t feel sick either but not totally healthy.

Sunday we managed to stay in bed until almost 11 am!  So……..no beach.  Instead we honestly did nothing all day.  I put some chicken in the smoker and prepped some food for the rest of the week but beyond that we watched movies and did next to nothing.  I will say that it was fine with me.  For whatever reason my body needed the rest I think.

And when ever I can spend a weekend with my pumpkin it makes me happy!


I know we will be at the beach this upcoming Sunday (unless the weather doesn’t cooperate) to celebrate Edward’s birthday/Fathers Day.  As an added bonus Derrick and Amanda will be home!  They are in between duty stations as they move from San Diego to Norfolk VA.  🙂  It will be great to see them and have everyone together!  Derrick hasn’t met the two newest members of the family either.

Well, here is hoping this next week is calmer and easier than the last week was.  How many weeks until vacation?????????

Have a great Monday Everyone!

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One thought on “A Lazy Weekend

  1. Kicky

    Good lord, woman! Move on…

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