A Birthday Wrap UP

296220_10151654876230909_280376950_nBoy oh boy has summer arrived!  Its toasty out there!

I don’t think I ever gave a birthday wrap up.  On Friday at work my co-workers brought me muffins and a cake!  It was so sweet of them.   They invited me to lunch on Friday too but after muffins and expecting cake I knew that a workout was probably a better plan for my lunch hour.

On my birthday Vanessa and I started the day off with a hike over the Harbor Bridge.  It was a much harder walk this time because of the weather.  I’ll be conservative and estimate the humidity at about a billion gazillion percent and hardly a gust of air.    Plus there were storms around San Antonio heading our way so we wanted to get the walk done before the storms arrived.

We did it!

On the way home Edward sent me a text that he had gotten me breakfast which is a good thing because I was starved.  I came home to breakfast and cake and presents!  It was awesome!

226692_10151655008625909_1566462382_nAnd he even got me candles with my ‘age’ on it.  🙂

946657_10151655030700909_1833784271_nWe had a little time to kill while we waited for the line of storms to move through so we had the time to snuggle and take a nap. It was so nice to relax and listen to the thunder and the rain.

After it finally passed we headed to the beach!  My favorite place to spend a birthday.   The sun eventually came out (long enough that I got sunburned again) and friends joined us for a relaxing afternoon.  We ended up staying pretty late and barely got home before the sunset.


226757_10151656269915909_347203309_nOn Monday evening we met other friends for an awesome meal out with plenty of laughs.  It was a great way to cap off the birthday weekend.  Not a bad birthday!  I got to spend it with my honey and I can’t ask for anything more.

Now just to make it to another weekend so I can catch up on some sleep.  Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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