Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of This…………..

???????????????????????????????Edward nicely pointed out to me earlier tonight that I hadn’t blogged in a long time.  And Kicky pointed that same thing out to me too so………I guess its time to get back at it.  Besides I didn’t write about last weekend which was pretty awesome!

IMG_2732So last weekend was a Utopia weekend for just the two of us.  I was so excited to get away…..things have just felt so crazy lately and I was ready to relax.  I took off work a little early so we got a jump start on the weekend and it was clear that summer had arrived on the drive.  Temperatures outside the truck were 100 – 102!  Yikes!

But it was cooling off nicely when we got to the cabin just in time for sunset and wine on the deck.  As soon as we were unloaded I felt my stress level come down about 100 points.

Saturday morning the plan was to sleep in and we did make it until about 7:30 am.  When we got up our Utopia cat had arrived and was ready for her breakfast.  She is partially feral but is happy to let us feed her the wet food and pet her.   I don’t know who she belongs too but she is clearly well fed and very aquainted with the neighborhood.

Saturday the butterflies were out in force.  It was interesting just to watching them fly from flower to flower and sometimes fight with each other.  I even got a few really nice pictures of them, gosh I love my super telephoto lense!

Eventually though we packed up and headed to Garner State Park for a bit.  We brought the kayaks and were eager to put them into the dam.  Garner was crowded!  We kayaked around for a while and then it was pretty warm so we got into the water to cool off.  Almost at once a little girl who was about 7 or so latched onto us.   Lol….Edward said he had to turn his tracterbeam down a little.  It was really funny.

After a couple hours we were tired and I was sunburned so it was back to the cabin for a nap before our hot date Saturday night.

???????????????????????????????We had heard great things about Laurel Tree which is a restaurant about two miles from the cabin.  It is owned by a chef who trained the Le Cordon Bleu and its only open on Saturday and your table is yours for the entire evening.  The menu is different each week and you have no idea what will be served until you get there.  But you can be sure that it will be fabulous. And you are encouraged to walk around and explore the yard and the gardens.  The back patio area is built around a giant tree which is just gorgeous!


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0036Honestly I fell in love with this place.  It was so lovely and cozy and welcoming and well…..just perfect!  The back yard is almost exactly what I would want my backyard to be if I ever get to build my genuine dream house.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0044 IMG_0046

Every single thing we ate was fantastic.  When I ate the salad I swore there were angels dancing on my tongue.  Seriously.  I’m not even joking.  It was that wonderful.    But the favorite part of the meal for both Edward and I was dessert. (Yes, I know shocking).  It was carmelized bananas and cherries with pistachio ice cream.




Edward said he wanted to take a bath in it.  I was so full from the other courses but I still managed to eat and enjoy every single bite.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  It was such a nice evening.  I love my baby so much for taking me!  🙂

We rolled home and onto the deck to relax a little bit.  Edward had his flashlight and when he put it on the lot next door there must have been the eyes of 30 deer looking back at us.  They were so quiet we never knew they were there.

Sunday morning after breakfast we loaded the kayaks back up and went to the dam in Utopia.  We have been to the dam before but hadn’t really explored it.   It was a pleasant surprise.  There was a long inlet canal that we could explore and it was so pretty and quiet.

140_0418 140_0427 140_0432 140_0425

Of course by the time I got back to shore Edward had already made friends with some random guy named Dave who was having coffee at the park……lol and he helped load up the kayaks.  Win!

It was a fantastic trip.  Probably one of the best ever.    I can’t wait until we can get back!

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2 thoughts on “Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of This…………..

  1. Kicky

    Yay! I was ready to give up on you. LOVE the restaurant. Oh, and Dave? Was he good looking, single? xo 😀

  2. XXOOXX Single and we know where his sister lives………….. 🙂

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