Finally Playing Catch UP

Lets see where did I leave off last weekend…………

???????????????????????????????Oh thats right the trip home on Friday.   We took the long way home…..the very long way with a couple of stops for business along the way so we didn’t get back to town until a little after 6 pm.  That was right in time for Little Edward’s little league game.   It was still chilly and damp here in Corpus and I was almost frozen by the time we finally got home.

Rascal and Spooky were very happy to see us and eager for pets and snuggles.  Mommacat on the other other hand was a little upset and didn’t want to snuggle with me until we had been home for a couple of days.  Rascal on the other hand climbed right into bed and on top of Edward so he could get a good nights sleep.


Saturday and Sunday Little Edward had a weekend tournament with the Slam.  Saturday it was cccccooooold and chilly and Sunday was hot and sunny.  So hot in fact that I managed to score my first sunburn of the season.  We got to see Emily and Lilly and she hijacked my camera and headed off to take pictures.

IMG_2541 IMG_2554 ???????????????????????????????

We wrapped up the evening with a trip to the movies to see ’42’.  Excellent, excellent movie and one we highly recommend.

Then I played catchup at work all week long.  I have a 1,000 emails…….I wish that was an exaggerated number but it wasn’t.  I seriously had 1,000 emails.  I treaded water all week trying to get caught up.

So we were very excited when the weekend came again.   We spent this weekend at home, running errands and doing some serious deep cleaning in the house.  I finally got around to going through everything in the closet and donating a ton of clothes to Goodwill and throwing away many more that weren’t even good enough to donate.

I really struggled with the shoes.  I had a ton of shoes that I used to love but needed to be re-heeled, re-soled or just tossed and I had a terrible time convincing myself to get rid of them.  Eventually I managed to do so!!!  And now the bedroom is spotless and lovely and its fantastic!  The battle with the dust bunnies was fierce  but I was victorious!

Now, this week I geniunely am going to make an effort to get back on track.  Honest.

Happy Monday!


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