Hoppy Easter Everyone!

???????????????????????????????I hope everyone had a restful wonderful Easter weekend.

I know that we did.  It was so nice to have a three day weekend to get caught up on things at home and have a little fun besides.  We spent Friday and Saturday cleaning house and working on the lawn.  Spring is always filled with lots of things to do.

We got things cleaned up, organized and I even got some outdoor flowers planted and our closet cleaned out.


Saturday evening we took a little time to go to a movie.  We saw “Olympus Has Fallen”.  A super high action keep you on the edge of your seat movie.  We really enjoyed it.

Edward woke me up bright and early Easter Sunday to get the brisket going in the smoker.  Thank goodness we could go back to bed for a little while after we got everything going.   Once we finally got up I made a traditional Easter breakfast of panakes and bacon for breakfast.  Then we relaxed around home for a while before lunch.   In the afternoon we went to Edward and Rosie’s house for their Easter BBQ and to give the grandkids their easter baskets.


This was David and Emily’s first Easter so we were excited to see them!  Emily wore the special Easter sleeper and bib we gave her this last week and looked adorable in it.  She really likes to be held while she is sleeping.  As soon as you lay her down she starts to wake back up.


As soon as we got there David wanted me to take him so I held him for a while and gave him a bottle.  Then I tried to hold Emily for a little bit but by that time Giuli had found me inside and wanted me to help her open her Easter basket.

IMG_1978Before you knew it there were kids all over the place…….lol.  The only kid missing from the room with me was David who was outside with his mom.



The kids were lured outside with promises of an Easter Egg hunt and more cascarones.  There was much running around the yard as everyone collected all the eggs they could find.


After all of the eggs were collected the kids settled in to beging devouring their loot.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2023It was a really fun afternoon.  Of course when it was time for us to leave Lilly didn’t want us to go so Grandpa promised that she could come to the house one day next weekend  and spend the night.  On the way home I told him as soon as Giuli learned how to ask she would be asking to come home with us too.  She is really in love with her Popo.  She smiles and bats her eyelashes at him all the time.  Thank goodness she is kind of fond of me too……lol.

It amazes me how much the family has grown since last Easter and by this time next year there will be two more little ones participating in the Easter Egg Hunt.

So farewell wonderful long weekend.  I’m so happy that this is the last regular workweek before we go out of town the week after.  I’m really looking forward to a few days away from work away with my honey!


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