Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend…..

246582_10151528120035909_449341682_nI had hoped since we were going to be in town this weekend we would have time to get caught up with a few things at home and maybe get some rest. Hahahahahahahaha……..that didn’t work out at all.

We kicked the weekend off with Emilio’s t-ball game. His team has a lot of really good players on it. They look like they will be a dominante team for sure. They were making good throws and plays while the little team they played still had kids who ran the wrong way around the bases. Lol!

After the baseball game we went out for a nice dinner out at Doc’s Steak and Seafood. They are a restaurant on the water with a good view of the sunsets. The weather wasn’t too hot so it was a good time to go. They were surprisingly busy and we were told there would be a 40 minute way so we headed to the bar for drinks and an appetizer. It wasn’t 10 minutes before they called us to the table just in time to watch the sun go down. It was really nice to relax and enjoy some yummy food (and their tasty bread…..mmmmmmm)

Saturday morning Edward woke me up at a ridiculously early hour of the morning. But that gave us a good start on the day. We ran lots of errands in the morning so we could get home in time to watch some of the grandkids in the afternoon. Lilly, Giuli and David arrived at the house full of energy. Soooooo full of energy.

???????????????????????????????Baby David has learned to roll over! I can tell he is going to be crawling in pretty short order too. He spent the time here playing, rolling and throwing up all over me. Everyone found that hysterically funny! 166726_10151529913005909_2074783191_n

The girls ran around like wild little indians and wore me out. There was lots of book reading, sidewalk chalk coloring and play dough playing. By time time they left Edward and I were too tired to cook………..so we decided to go out for dinner before watching movies and heading to bed.

On Sunday morning we woke up to a windy gale outside. This made me a little sad because we had plans to meet another couple for a walk along the water. But based on the high winds outside we decided it would be better to postpone until another day. That mad me a little sad but as it turned out it was probably a good thing.

We finalized our decision on a treadmill and went and picked it up Sunday afternoon and spent the balance of the day putting it all together. Exhausting day but its going to be great to have a treadmill at home no excuses to not workout now!!!!

It was a busy weekend where I don’t feel like I actually accomplished anything. The house is still a mess, my closet is only 1/4 cleaned out and I’ll be playing catch up for another week. Oh well…….on to Monday.

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