Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine!

426460_10151486560250909_710917474_nThe weather this weekend was spectacular!  On Sunday I told Edward that if the weather could be like this year round I would be happy!  Highs of about 70 with no humidity……..truely wonderful days!

Saturday morning we went out for our traditional long weekend walk and it was downright chilly with a strong wind coming from the north.  It sure felt good on the walk back to the truck even if it was a little tough fighting the wind.  But it cooled us right off so much that we weren’t even sweaty!

???????????????????????????????So Saturday afternoon was Rosie’s baby shower.    There was a good crowd and everyone had a fun time.

Lilly, Giuli and David were there too and had fun playing with all of the other kids.   David sat on the my lap and layed on my shoulder  a good chunk of the party.  He was most happy when he could lay his head on my shoulder and suck on his fingers.


Giulianna was very very interested in all the food….especially the cake pops.  Lol she kept trying to sneak in and take one!

photo (28)photo (29)It was a very nice baby shower.  She got lots of lovely lovely gifts.   After a lot of thought I got her the crib set from her registry.  It was really cute and she was so happy to get it!  This is a picture from the website where I ordered it.  (In store pickup is the greatest thing ever!  I ordered it at lunch on Friday and swung by Toys R Us on the way home Friday evening and picked it up.  Easy as pie!)

pTRU1-11524196enh-z6Emilio was at the party when Rosie unwrapped her gifts and helped.  It was his job to throw away the tissue paper from all the bags and he was very enthusiastic about it.  Rosie had to keep asking him to slow down because he would hardly let her look at one gift before he was handing her another…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????She got most of the large ticket items she needed.  I’m really glad we decided to wait to give the baby clothes until after she was born because they got a TON of adorable outfits at the party.  I don’t think that baby is going to need anything new until she is a year old!  ???????????????????????????????

Sounds like the party was held just in time too……the doctor says that it looks like the baby could come at almost any time now.   Fingers crossed!!!

Giuli seemed a little confused about the gifts though.  After everything was unwrapped she went up to the front and started dragging bags to her mom and pulling out the outfits like she was shopping for herself.  It was so cute!


I spent most of Saturday worried sick about Rascal.  He went out about 2:3o am and didn’t come home for breakfast.  That is unusual but it does happen occasionally but he wasn’t home by 9 am or 10 am or noon.  We even drove around the neighborhood looking for him.  No Rascal.  I couldn’t imagine where he had wandered off too.  Outside of being hit by a car we aren’t too far from open space where there are coyotes (in fact we almost hit one on Saturday night driving home not far from the house) so I worry about him running into something like that.

When I left for Rosie’s baby shower at 1:30 in the afternoon still no Rascal…………….but about an hour into the shower I got a text from Edward.  It was a picture of Rascal happily eating.  Thank goodness!  And Edward told Rascal he couldn’t leave until I got home and saw him.

Saturday evening Edward and I had to run an errand and then went out for dinner.   I had been hungry for a good steak so we went to The Astor and had a really nice dinner.

Sunday morning it was chilly but warmed up fast.  After breakfast we took another walk and then it was home to get some housework done.  Edward has been working in the garage which had been a huge mess.  But he is getting is all neat and organized.  I got to do the fun stuff like clean the kitchen, do laundry, the usual.

Sigh, the weekend went by too fast.  As it always does.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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