Just A Quick Tuesday Evening Update

Are you sure it’s not Friday yet?   Hmmm………feels like it should be.

???????????????????????????????On Monday the weather was beyond terrible.   We had a front move in that gave us tropical force winds all day!  50 – 60 MPH!  The blowing dust around my office was unbelieveable.  When Edward got home and opened the patio door you could hear the dirt grit in it.    I couldn’t believe how windy it was!

They recently cleared an empty lot fairly close to our house and it is filled with sand.  That sand created a real dust storm all day.  I hope we don’t have wind like that again any time soon.

Monday evening Edward decided he wanted to lay down for a little nap and asked me to lay down with him because the wind ‘sounded scary’.  We both laid down and fell fast asleep.  We should have just stayed in bed but ended up getting up and being wide awake at bed time.    That hasn’t made the week feel any shorter!???????????????????????????????

Tonight we had dinner out with some co-workers of Ed’s.  It was fun to get out and have dinner with some new friends.  I had a very stressful day at work and wasn’t really in the mood to make social nice nice but it turned out to be fun.   And the margarita tasted pretty darn good!!!!!  We hadn’t been to On the Border in a while so it was fun to eat somplace different than usual!

Now we are home and relaxing for a few minutes before bed.    I’m ready to go now and Edward has been snoring on the sofa but claims he wants to stay up for a bit………lol.

I’m logging off now and going to snuggle with my babe!  Have a good night everyone!heart-apple


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