A Baseball Weekend


It never fails to amaze me how we can go into a weekend with virtually no plans and then in a couple of minutes end up with an overy jam packed schedule.  Seems like it happens almost every weekend and this weekend was no exception.

Friday evening we came home to a late dinner all ready to relax after a long week.  Then at 10 pm we got our first request to watch a couple of the grandkids the next afternoon.  Then a few minutes later a phone call that little Edward had a baseball tournament the next morning.

Since this was the Slams first tournament in kid pitch it wasn’t something we were willing to miss.  So Saturday morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed out to the baseball fields.  Much to our surprise (apparently mine more than Edwards since he had a jacket and I didn’t) it was not only overcast but windy and drizzly.  And COLD.  Brrrrr cold, at least for those of us who didn’t have a coat.  I promise this was something I have remidied for the future.

???????????????????????????????The switch from coach pitch to kid pitch is a huge transition with a lot of new skills to master.  Now they have to pick the right pitches to swing at and kids can steal bases too.   Edward is playing catcher now and doing a pretty good job of it too.  They all struggled a little bit in the first game but didn’t do too badly.


???????????????????????????????After the first game we were off to try to finish all of our errands before the grandkids came over.  We made it through about half of them and Edward dropped me off at home.  He went to get a haircut while I waited for the kids.   About 10 minutes after he left we got word that the kids Dad had made it home in time to watch the kids so we were off the hook.

I made good use of the time by fitting in a walk, shower and nap before Edward got home. 🙂  Sure I missed the second baseball game but the nap was worth it.

Sunday morning we were up and out the door before breakfast even to make it to the next games.


We arrived just as Edward was up to bat.  First pitch and he ate a monster hit!  It ended up being a triple!!!  Over all the entire team was much more comfortable and played a really good game!

???????????????????????????????The team they were playing has been playing kid pitch for about six months now and The Slam gave them a run for their money!  It wasn’t until the bottom of the ninth inning that they finally took over the lead and won.    Its going to be a few rough months while they get the skills down but it seems like they have a good base to start from.

After that it was time to finally eat breakfast…..mmmmmmm, get groceries and then go for a great walk with my honey. This week we walked on a new path by the Oso Creek ball fields that lead down to the water. It is always nice to walk someplace different.photo (21)

While we were walking a teeny cool front blew in and it felt so nice on the walk back to the truck.  Then home to try to take care of some of the errands at home that I have been neglecting and get everything ready for the work week.

Sigh…..over in a flash again.  The good news?  Next weekend there will be no grandkid stuff.  In fact we happen to know that they will be out of town so the weekend will be ours.

Time to get this week started!  Have a great one everyone!

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