An Uneventful Weekend

Trip over love, you can get up.  Fall in love and you fall forever.  ~Author Unknown


It was a very quiet and uneventful weekend around Appleville.  Well except for a migraine, watching two grandkids and little bit of football.

Saturday morning we slept in and I woke up with a dull headache.  I took some medicine, made breakfast and got on with my day.  I even got out to take a 2.7 mile walk.  By about 1:30 my headache wasn’t gone and I could tell it was morphing rapidly into a full-blown migraine.  I haven’t had a migraine in a long time and I can’t say that I have missed them.

In my experience the only way to really get rid of one is to lay down and sleep.  However, we were scheduled to babysit Giuli and David so that wasn’t in the cards.  So I pushed on.  First baby David and Guili arrived.

David was wide awake and in a smiley talkey mood.  He suddenly seems like a baby instead of a newborn.  He layed on my lap and looked and looked and looked at me and talked and smiled and jabbered.  It was adorable!

???????????????????????????????And do you want to see how talented baby David is?  He can smile and spit up at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Giuli was in a fantastic mood too and was entertaining herself by playing with the dress up Minnie Mouse toys.  It was so cute to see her talking to herself.  I’m not sure what language she speaks exactly but she can sure get her point across.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Giuli is alllll about shoes.  She loves them so she wanted me to change the shoes and clothes on Minnie Mouse all day long.  Of course she also pulled her chongo off and ate everything not nailed down.

While the kids were here Rosie and Edward came over.  They want to borrow the grey trailer for a camping trip in a couple of weeks so we needed help getting everything out of it.  While the guys took care of that Rosie helped with the kids inside.

She has about 7 more weeks until their new baby arrives.  Hard to believe we will be getting another little one to love shortly!

So the whole time this was happening my headache kept getting worse and worse and worse even though I had taken enough medicine to tranquillize an elephant.   I ignored it until everyone left which was thankfully at the same time.  But when I went to make Edward something to eat I hurt so bad I couldn’t even think so he suggested Subway for dinner.  All well and good but by this point I was in so much pain I could hardly see to drive but I got him dinner, me some soup and back home.

And directly to bed for an hour or so.  My headache was better after a nap but it was still trying to come back the whole evening so I caved about midnight and went to bed.   About 30 minutes after bed Edward woke me up with a very low blood sugar.  As soon as he starts to exercise his blood sugars come down and he has to be careful of the drops.  53 was bad especially since he had eaten a banana before he came to wake me up.   I hadn’t eaten my Subway sandwich so he ate that and things seemed to improve.  Might be time to talk about scaling back some of his medicines.  Those blood sugar drops are not fun for  him at all.


Sunday morning my headache was gone but I still had that migraine hangover.  Thank goodness we didn’t have anything we had to do.  I did brave the grocery store and lets just say that Noon on Super Bowl Sunday is almost as bad as the week before Christmas.  Ugh…..I could hardly move.

Since I wasn’t feeling good on Saturday evening all of the toys and assorted baby equipment didn’t get put away.  Instead they just got tossed into the guest room to be dealt with later.   Rascal loves it when I don’t get the baby stuff put away.  It’s his favorite place to take a quick nap.  Its soft, smells good and really annoys me.  But he was sure comfy on the baby exercise mat!IMG_1385

Here was baby David using it the day before:


We settled in to watch a little football Sunday evening.  No Texas teams were playing so there wasn’t too much to get excited about.  But right after half time and the Ravens returning the kick off for a touchdown.  Ed posted this on FB:

CaptureAnd literally seconds later that is exactly what happened……..Lol!  Probaby the most exciting part of the game and we even had it happen at a Corpus Christi Hooks game last summer.  Weird!

Oh well, its off to work.  Have a great Monday everyone!


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