Thursday. That’s All I’ve Got. It’s Thursday.

photo (20)Work has been kicking my ass this week. I have felt like a firefighter putting out 100 fires a day……..most of which at the same time and it kind of sucks. Last night I didn’t get home until almost 7 and when I walked into the house my honey had a glass of wine poured and waiting for me. Thank goodness because I needed it! Of course the evening was awful short.

Friday can’t get here soon enough for me. Well, actually Saturday because that day I don’t have to deal with work at all.

I have been walking during lunch each day. I hate the treadmill soooooo much but at work we have DishNetwork so at least I can watch something entertaining and it helps. One good sitcom and I can do someplace between 1 – 2 miles. I haven’t really been pushing it because I don’t want to get too hot since I have to eat lunch quick and go back to work afterwards but at least I’m moving. Of course the big struggle is getting my butt in there each day. Yesterday I tried to talk myself out of it until literally 11:59 when I decided to just suck it up and get it over with.

I finished Giuli’s birthday invites and they turned out pretty well if I say so myself. Here they are (with of course the important parts edited out for safely. The originals don’t have swirls)Giulibirthday-1I may have a new career in graphics design……! Now we just have to decide what to buy the little princess for her birthday gift.

I could tell that the sunrise was going to be a nice one so I snuck out a few minutes early to work. It always helps mood to see the pretty sun. Enjoy!


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