How Can It Be Monday Already?

January Wolf Moon

My heavens it seems like the weekend barely started and it was over in the blink of an eye. 😦 I hate the thought of going back to work this morning too. I am in desperate need of a nice long vacation.

It wasn’t a very exciting around our house…..the highlight of the weekend was when the local news channel used my picture of the moon above on the local newscast Saturday night.  I know right?  That was really exciting!  Edward saw on Facebook that the meteorologist asked is anyone had moon pictures to send them in and I had taken one.  I didn’t think it would get picked thinking he would want something a little prettier, like the moon coming up over the water but when they went to the weather there was my picture and name big as could be on the screen!

Edward and I walked a couple of times. On Saturday we walked along the water in the wind and on Sunday morning we walked to and from breakfast. It was a nice easy two-mile walk and we didn’t feel at all guilty having breakfast with all of that exercise.

Sunday evening Vanessa called to ask if I could make an invitation for Guili’s birthday party. She couldn’t find something with the correct theme, so they all came over for a bit to help me pick out the right picture. David was a smiley little fella.20130127-205855.jpg
Lilly hijacked my camera and took about an hour of video footage of her face…  She was sick most of last week and it was good to see her feeling better.  20130127-210000.jpgGiuli ran around giggling like a crazy girl.  It is amazing how much she has come out of her shell in the last year. This time last year if she even saw us she started to cry and grab her Mom.  Now she knows who Popo is and she says it to him and knows who he is in pictures.  She still calls me Mom………lol.  She was wearing a t-shirt that said “Will sell my brother for cupcakes”!  And she really probably would!IMG_1325We picked out something for Giuli’s birthday invitation and I worked on that a while. I think it’s adorable.  I can’t believe she is going to be two already.  Time is flying by so fast.

So now it’s back to work……sigh.  Have a great Monday everyone!IMG_1322

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