Time To UnDeck The Halls

F8FD567A-2742-4DDD-9066-C731B4F133E0-17523-0000231EC0FF5ACEMy official position is that once New Years has passed its time for spring to arrive.  Not summer but spring.   I think the last sunny day we had was Christmas Day.  Most of last week was freezing cold with spitting drizzle that made it feel even colder.

When I got up yesterday morning and walked into the living room to see bright sunshine it was a delight!  It was a delightful gorgeous day…..perfect for undecking the halls and getting everything cleaned up.  We even opened up the windows for a little while to get some fresh air in.

We spent the whole weekend at home.  In fact the only time we left the house was when I made a quick trip to the grocery store to get a few groceries.  I’m still trying to get over being sick and we had to put up all of the Christmas decorations so that took up most of our time.  It sure feels nice to get everything put away……….but the living room seems so dark and cold at night.  I really miss the warm romantic glow from all the pretty lights.

3F99CF00-5F77-4B82-9A16-502E8A3D4F46-17523-0000231EFE61F866Even though we were very careful it looks like Edward is getting sick now. Oh no…..that is terrible, terrible, terrible news.  For him.  And for me too.  And just in time for our first full five day work week in a while.  Yuck.  I’m beginning to wonder if we are ever going to spend a whole night in bed together ever again………sniff, sniff.Baby_Edward_III0001

Yesterday was Edward’s old son’s 30th birthday. Wow….30.   That means that my Edward must be getting kind of old……lol.

Ok time to get back to work.  Have a great week everyone!


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