And Winter Has Arrived…………..

I like these cold, gray winter days.  Days like these let you savor a bad mood. 
~Bill Watterson


I heard them on the news pratteling on about cold fronts or some such nonsense but I’ll be honest, I had given up paying much attention.  So it was a mild surprise when I left the house yesterday morning and it was chilly and spitting a cold rain.  It was a much larger surprise when I left work at the end of the day and it was raining and bitter, bitter cold.   Edward sent me a text reminding me to drive carefully because the roads were nasty.  I made it safely home and there was no place I would rather have been last night.

All summer long Edward could complain that it was cold in the house and I would tell him that I was comfortable.  Last night was the complete opposite……Edward said he was comfortable and I was freezing cold.   We compromised by him piling more blankets on me.


This is exactly the weather I wanted to have on Christmas.  It would have been perfect to start a fire in the fireplace and snuggle everyone in.  It isn’t the perfect weather for making me leave the house when I’m still not feeling 100%.

Rascal, Spooky and Mommacat all snuggled in on the sofa close to us and had no interest in going outside at all.  I was laying down and Spooky jumped on top of me to rest.  Mommacat came jumping up shortly there after and was not happy that Spooky had taken her spot and picked a fight until Spooky ran off.   Once Momma was happily settled Spooky came back and she was happy to let her snuggle in.  Momma get to pick her place first I guess.  IMG_1159

I had planned to start walking this week but this darn cough has put that on hold for a little bit.   Maybe this weekend I can head out.  Edward has been doing a lap each evening but he won’t let me go yet.  Something about it being too cold and me spreading germs around…..humph.

Time to bundle up and head out into the frigid arctic…….lol.  Have a great Thursday everyone! Stay warm!


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