Hello January!


And Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, rewarding New Year!

For those of you keeping track this is the second New Years Eve in a row that I have been sick. And I’m not talking a little sick, I mean full on flu sick.  And I even got a stupid flu shot.Happy_New_Year_2013-1

I started to get sick on Christmas Eve and was feeling pretty crummy by Christmas day.  It was kind of downhill from there all of last week.  By Friday my cold had decided to take up residence in my chest which is easily the worst place to have a cold.  Last weekend was a full on pajama weekend……I only moved off the sofa when I had too.  Coughing, blowing my nose and throwing in a fever for good measure.

I had to work on Monday and by Monday I was beyond sick.  My voice was gone and I was hacking non-stop.  I tried to finish up everything I needed to get out of there as quickly as possible but it didn’t work out.  I was still there until 4:30.  The only good thing is one office mate was off and the other was home with the flu.  Hmmmm….wonder where I could have gotten sick from………..

Needless to say our New Years Eve plans became going out for caldo and then coming home to watch movies.  I even made it midnight before going to bed and we got to see lots of fireworks in our neighborhood.  It may not have been the most exciting New Year ever but we were together.  Whatelse could I ask for????????????????????????????????

New Years Day dawned with a few sprinkes, cooler temperatures and a break in my fever.  I finally started to turn the corner and was no longer at deaths door.  I was even healthy enough to venture out of the house to Jumping Monkies for Edward and Emilio’s joint birthday party.  I saw all of the grandkids but I didn’t touch any of them and made sure to use lots of hand sanitizer…….lol.IMG_1181

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????All of the kids had fun bouncing and running and we had had fun watching them.  We also got to see Davey after his stay in the hospital.  His fever is gone and he is feeling fine now.  They never did determine why he had a fever but we are glad he is healthy and happy again.

Two hours was all I could take and it was home to get lasagna in the oven and take another nap.  We even started to de-Christmas the house but the majority of that will need to wait until Saturday.  Being sick put a hamper on getting everything put away.  In fact it put a damper on the whole week.

And today it’s back to work.  I just have to make it a few days and it will be Saturday again.

Have a great short week everyone!


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