The Most Magical Day Of The Year

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.” ~ W. C. Jones


I’m having a difficult time trying to put into words how special this Christmas was. It was a day when the gifts we received were numerous and didn’t just come from under a tree.

Christmas Eve we joined the rest of the family at St Phillips for their childrens mass. The children all act out the story of the gospel and this year Lillyanna was in it. She was a shepherd! We got to church nice and early to make sure we had good seats and Lillyanna was sooooo excited. She came running out to meet us and show me where her Mom and Grandma had saved us seats. All of the grandma’s and grandpa’s were there for Lilly’s big stage debut.

IMG_1009Lilly’s dress has gold glitter on it and she was wearing gold glittery shoes… the time she went to get ready for her program all of us were covered in glitter. Edward even had some on his face……lol. Giulianna was one wound up little girl running up and down the row and to the row in front where Grandma Mary and Grandpa Rolondo were sitting.

Baby David looking all dapper

Baby David looking all dapper

???????????????????????????????I’m not Catholic and this was my first mass in a long, long time. It sure is different from what I am used too but the kids all did a great job acting out the Gospel.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????After church we went home for a quiet dinner and a couple of glasses of wine before bed.

Christmas morning dawned hot and muggy. I was awake before dawn so excited because SANTA CAME!!! The cats loved their gifts and Edward was apparently a very, very good boy who loved his GoPro Camera. I received a very special gift from my daughter. A special collection of handmade “A Christmas Story” themed cookies!!! Probably my favorite gift!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As is our new family tradition we host Christmas morning brunch at our house. It’s the perfect time because the kids are still excited about Christmas. This year Edward invited his Dad to join us as well so it was a pretty good sized group. Everyone started arriving about 10 am for breakfast and then exchanging gifts.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We served pancakes, bacon, egg caserole, hashbrown casserole. Everyone had plenty to eat. The kids were all excited to be there and tell us about Santa.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

After that the excitement moved to the living room that was piled full of gifts. And I mean piled FULL of gifts.


Pictures don’t begin to capture the chaos of wrapping paper and gifts. Its was fun, exciting, noisy and overwhelming………………IMG_1097???????????????????????????????IMG_1104????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It took a while to get all of the gifts handed out and get things cleaned up but once we did we gathered all the grandkids in front of the tree for a new family tradition. Group picture!! We did it every year when I was growing up and they are precious memories. Ed’s second son Derrick who is deployed with the Navy even managed to call while we were all here and visit with everyone. That was a great gift!


The groups all moved onto their next stops and Edward took his Dad home about 1 pm. I cleaned up the kitchen and collapsed on the sofa ready for a long, long, long winters nap! A nice cold front came through about that time and helped make it feel more like Christmas!!

Edward and I spent the rest of Christmas together quietly enjoying the day and each other. We are blessed. I can’t think of another way to say it. Having the opportunity to get almost everyone all together and celebrate is something we don’t ever take for granted.

To love and to be loved is the true spirit of Christmas. We got to do both.

This is the center piece I made for the table.  I'm kind of proud of it!

This is the center piece I made for the table. I’m kind of proud of it!


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2 thoughts on “The Most Magical Day Of The Year

  1. Kicky

    Your centerpiece is incredible! I thought it was a pic off the internet. I can feel the energy and excitement in those pictures. I can also picture myself in the Amy section quietly helping to serve up food and discreetly drinking mimosas ;D So glad you have the new traditions. I always loved our Christmas Eve production at church as a child. It would bring tears to my eyes to see grands do it now, for sure. So happy you have each other and your family!!! xoxoxoxoox

  2. I may not have even bothered making a mimosa. It was me and some bubbly wine! 🙂 Love you honey!

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