Christmas Time In The City


Happy last Monday before Christmas Eve everyone!!! I hope that you had a good weekend……because I know that we did!

Saturday morning we got up and dressed to head out to San Antonio but before we could hit the highway we needed to stop by the post office to ship a package. I will say that I have little patience for standing in line, especially when people behind that counter seem to have it be a mission to move as slowly as possible. Arghhhh, by the time we finished up and headed out-of-town I was NOT in the Christmas spirit.

But slowly, ever so slowly on the drive up the happy holiday spirit started to return.

We had to skip the Christmas trip to San Antonio because Edward was recovering from surgery so we were excited to get to go again this year. I think its something we want to try to do every year.

First stop in San Antonio was for massages. Ahhhhh…….that helped to work out the aching back I had from standing in the endless line at the post office. Besides my back my favorite part of the massage is when they do your feet. Oh my, it feels sooooooo goood!


After our massages we checked into the hotel and then it was time for a late lunch or early dinner. Upon a recommendation from a friend we tried Rosarios and it was excellent. They even had fabulous margaritas. Definitely a place we will try again!!! And in this years Christmas miracle I managed to eat my whole meal, including the salsa and not spill any on my white sweater! I KNOW……I was as surprised as everyone.

Then it was time to fight the traffic on the way to the RiverWalk. There is no other way to put it….traffic was a nightmare. A complete traffic jam of people. It took us what felt like forever to make it to a parking place but we finally did. I told Edward that it reminded me again why I never, ever, ever want to live in a large city again. I am just over traffic.

It was a very warm night, in fact I was too warm. Since the weather was so nice it seemed like everyone in the city of San Antonio had decided it was the right night to go see the lights. You could hardly move on the sidewalk and the lines to get in anyplace and eat were almost endless.


We walked for a bit and then got in the line to take the boat ride. (Easily the fastest and easiest way to see all the pretty lights) Edward went to stand in the line to get tickets while I waited in the line to get on the boats. Both lines seemed to move at about the same pace so about 15 minutes or so Edward had the tickets and I was at the front of the line. Good timing!!

It was a nice ride and so unusual for it to feel so warm.


With all of the crowds we were very happy we had eaten before we went to the RiverWalk and after the board ride we walked for a little bit but then decided to have drinks at Mi Tierra, a restaurant in Market Square that is close to our hotel. Plus since the business in the square were closed there wouldn’t be nearly as many people.548633_10151317591115909_309476496_n9

And we were right. Mariachi Bar at Mi Tierra was still pretty busy but we got nice seats at the bar with a very accommodating bartender and just relaxed for a while.4F0371AB-EB13-483B-BF80-201D35F23519-7079-00000C438DD55B34A0B3F9BB-37AC-4BB8-890C-7C93B8492592-7079-00000C436DE79F38

They make really good beeritas and mojitos there. And we had a few. But we were just a block or so from our hotel so it was easy enough to make out way home and into bed. A giant king sized bed. Edward always says that I end up on his side of the bed but that isn’t true and the night in the king bed proved it. By morning he was all the way over snuggled up next to me……

By sheer coincidence we found out that some friends of ours were also in town on Saturday staying close to where we were. We didn’t have a chance to meet up Saturday evening but decided to meet for breakfast on Sunday. So it was back to Market Square for breakfast at Mi Tierra.

IMG_09137FB5A3B2-B36F-41B9-8491-B09B8254EFB7-7079-00000C43736D5EA3It was fun to catch up with Mark and Kristina and we had a good breakfast. They were anxious to get back to Corpus for the Steeler/Cowboy game but Edward and I hung around to walk around the Market for a while.B22F203B-0CB8-466A-B093-0F5ABBF093DD-7079-00000C4356D30117


All too soon though it was time to drive home and get ready for Monday. 😦

MommaCat was very angry at us for leaving. When we first got home she wouldn’t even look at us and instead just sat in the suitcase like she was looking for a present. 248E8C85-DADD-464D-A560-8698F62997D9-7079-00000C43279E1C03But she forgave us. Everything was unpacked and put away and it was time to relax. We also put out our new poinsettia decoration over the fireplace. It looks so pretty! Oh and we watched the Cowboy’s beat the Steelers! YAY!!!


So that’s about it. We didn’t get a lot of rest but we did get a lot of relaxation and time together without the distractions of every day life. My stress level feels like its down about 80%. It was a wonderful romantic weekend. Just what we needed was some time to slow down and enjoy the season.

On the other bright side this is our last full week for work for two weeks…..yippe!!! Come on Friday!!!! Have a great week everyone!


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