We Are Really Enjoying This Cool Dry Weather

AWhat a delight this week has been!  Waking up to the brisk cold air, wearing jackets to work and actually needing them!!!   Yesterday morning the temperature on my car dropped and dropped and dropped on the way to work.   Once it got down past about 35 it started to alternate the temperature with this:

282503_10151311757880909_1004541050_nReally car?  I know it’s chilly but don’t you think you might be over reacting a little????  Lol.

Yesterday I found and bought myself the perfect Christmas gift.  I am so excited about this I can hardly contain myself!!!  Ok, the back story.  When I was a baby I had this:$(KGrHqV,!psFCu0YULz5BQ)jh6n)0w~~60_12It’s about 8″ tall and adorable.  We have pictures of me with it.  Pictures of my sister with it.  Pictures of my son and my niece with it.  Well, my sister had it in North Carolina when she left the idiot and when she got back her stuff this elephant was missing.

I have looked occasionally for it on Ebay but had never had any luck.  During a break yesterday afternoon I did another search and it popped up right away!!  I didn’t even risk bidding on it, I elected to buy it now.    I haven’t decided if I am keeping it or sending it to her for Christmas but either way we have another family elephant!!

Have a good Thursday everyone, Friday is almost here!!!


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