Christmastime Weekends

Happy Friday!!!!!!

It has been a busy week and I’m ready for some one on one time with my honey. Weather is quickly warming up so it doesn’t feel much like Christmas but ll the decorations help me feel that Christmas spirit.

Vanessa sent me a text the other night and asked if I would be willing to take pictures of the kids this weekend so she can make Christmas cards. I’m excited to try to get some good shots of the three of them together. It will be a challenge but hopefully it will go well. If I can get one good shot where all three of them are looking in the same general direction and have their eyes open I will count it as a victory…

In the meantime I’ve been spending lots of time of Pinterest getting ideas of ways to try to pose them.

Today is our first football free weekend since early September. 😃 Yay!!!! Not sure how we will spend it but I’m sure we can come up with something.

Now for a funny Giulianna story: last weekend when Ed took Zach and Lilly home he went inside the house. When Giuli saw him walk in she started running around picking up all the toys and stuff on the floor and throwing it behind the chairs…….lol. She picks up on everything! Company is coming so get the mess out if sight.

Vanessa says she is such a little helper with the baby. She always throws the dirty diapers away and when she us told they need to change the baby she runs to get everything they need.

Smart as a whip that little girl!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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