Our Credit Cards Lived Through Cyber Monday

Our bank accounts weren’t quite so lucky……………..lol.  And the UPS man is going to be getting quite a workout too.

We need to finish up two grandkids, buy for one daughter in law and one son,  return a gift that we found a better deal on and buy a few odds and ends.  Beyond that we are done!

Lol….when I write it down that way it doesn’t sound like we are almost finished does it?

Ok, a cute story from Saturday.  After Lilly had finished baking cookies and trimming the flowers we settled down in the bedroom to watch the movie ‘Brave’. Well, we tried to settle down, it was like Lilly was hopped up on sugar and Mountain Dew.  She was just not capable of sitting quietly

She was picking at her finger nail polish and asked me if I had any polish she could use.  I did NOT want her playing with finger nail polish so I told her that no….I didn’t have any pink polish.

“Do you get your nails done at Anthony’s”.she asked (Anthony’s is a local beauty place)

“No” I replied.

“Well, where do you get your nails done?”  she inquired.

Ummm………………..Have you SEEN my nails little girl??? I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t pay anyone to do anything with my nails….unless it’s to gnaw on them.

“No one does my nails” I said.

“How about your toes?”

“I do my own toes”.

“Oh so you DO HAVE NAIL POLISH” she exclaimed completely pleased with herself. ”

Lol………….that girl!!!!

Then I told her I had nailpolish but I had used it all.

She also told me that Santa only required that she be good at home.  School doesn’t count.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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