It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer
and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

It took three days……….sore muscles and an aching back but the house is ready for Christmas!!!!

On Friday I started hauling out totes and unpacking what was in them so I could pack away the ‘normal’ household knickknacks. Its a lot of work. But by the end of the day I had finished everything inside from the bathroom, to the kitchen to the living room. The only thing left to do on Saturday was the Christmas Tree.

After Friday I was glad we only had to do the tree. It didn’t take too long but was a little bit harder than usual. I brought back a bunch of Christmas Stuff from Colorado…..including a multitude of ornaments. I kept saying that I needed to open everything up and sort it out but somehow I couldn’t muster the emotional energy to get it done. So Saturday was the day.

In the end I pulled out a 40 ornaments or so that were important to me and left everything else in the boxes.

This was the ornament I wanted to have back most of all. Growing up it was my favorite…..and my sisters favorite. When I got married my Dad gave it to me to keep. (Kris is still a little jealous and maybe a tad bitter) It made it to South Texas safe and sound and was (as tradition) the first ornament on the tree.

Mommacat was very put out by all the rukus on Friday and Saturday. She showed her displeasure by walking under my feet and hissing when I kicked her and finally by waging an assault on low hanging ornaments on the tree.

My Precious Moments village is all set up on the hutch, my Hallmark Churchs are on the mantel and all my Santa’s are happy to be on the tree. I managed to fit the new in with the old or is it the old in with the new………whichever way I want to think of it I managed to decorate our home and make it still look like our home.

I have no idea why you heard paper tearing 10 seconds after laying this gift under the tree. I mean, it’s CLEARLY marked “do not open until Christmas”.

On Sunday Edward had Zach come over to help with the outside lights. Once Lilly heard he was coming she called Edward and left the sweetest message asking if when he came to get Zach if he would get her too. And then added I love you Popo at the end. How could we say no?

With a welcome baking assistant I got a little jump on the holiday baking. Lilly always has such fun deciding which cutter to use and how to decorate the cookies. She couldn’t go too crazy because I hadn’t restocked the sprinkles from last year but she still managed to do a decent job.

So Lilly got to bake and Edward go his sugar cookies.

Afterwards I put her to work deadheading the mums……a couple of the plants got a slightly overly agressive haircut but I guess they do looke better now than with dead flowers on them. She was wound up beyond words and almost drove me crazy.

It didn’t take Zach long to put up the lights so we are officially and 100% done decorating! Woohooooooo!

Can you see Lilly being silly in front of the house? She was on a tear.

Our neighbors little weenie dog keeps coming over to our yard to play with the cats. Yesterday he came over while Lilly was here………I think she wore that puppy out by yelling and screaming and running and jumping. The dog had a great time and so did Lilly. Well, the dog had a good time until Lilly let him in the house and Mommacat came at him like a ninja. That dog will never learn.

I don’t know how a four day weekend can fly by so fast but it did. Outside of lots of physical work we did manage to get lots of rest which is a wonderful thing. Hopefully this four day weekend will sustain me for the next few weeks until our next one. 🙂

So today it’s back to the salt mines but with Christmas music and a joyous heart. Have a great week everyone!

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