Well Sure It’s Monday But It Feels Like Wednesday!

I love the holiday season! One of the things I love the most are the short work weeks!!!! So while it may be Monday we only have to make it through two more days to a nice long weekend.

Friday afternoon I left work a couple of hours early so Edward and I could drive to San Antonio to watch one of Ed’s football kids who was suiting up with King for their playoff game. I was really hoping to get dinner at Mi Tierra but once we hit San Antonio traffic……well….. We crawled through traffic and decided it was best to head closer to the stadium.

Well, close to the stadium what did we find?????

That’s right Chipotle!!! It was Ed’s first time and he didn’t seem overly impressed. Sigh……..but I LOVED IT and IT MADE ME HAPPY! Then we had a couple more minutes to kill so we went next door to a lingerie store and Ed got me a present.

The game was bad if you were on the King side of the stadium. But it was fun to watch some Friday night lights.

As usual it was a long trip home but we made it safe and sound.

Saturday was football day……and since it was the last full Saturday of football Edward wanted to provide a lunch for the other ref’s. I spent Saturday morning making beans, heating up brisket, picking up potato salad (Hey I can’t make everything!) and transporting all of it to the field in time for lunch.

Saturday was one of those rare spectacular south Texas days. It was PERFECT. It wasn’t hot or cold or rainy or muggy or windy or anything! It was just sunny and gorgeous!! The windows in the house were all open and as usual it took MommaCat 5 minutes to figure out how to open the screen in the front giving all the cats a kitty door. She is a problem solver that Mommacat.

After lunch at the football field I stopped at the mall against my better judgement. It’s time to get cracking seriously knocking gifts off our list. I bought Edward and Rosie’s baby girl a couple of adorable outfits for Christmas. I will say that they are pink and frilly and sweet. I was amazed at how crowded that mall was. But I made it in and out in one piece.

We had been on the go every night last week so by the time Edward got home Saturday we both decided instead of going out we would just eat leftover brisket and crash early. And we did. It felt really good to get a good nights sleep!

Sunday we staying bed late……washed the truck, knocked a few other gifts off our Christmas list (One of which is mine and it’s SPARKLEY!!!!!) and finally took in the movie “Lincoln”. It was a great day! Of course I didn’t get groceries so I have to do that tonight which kind of sucks but still…………

Have a great Thanksgiving Week Everyone!!!!!


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