A Chilly Monday!!!!!!!!


Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Today will be just a quick blog. For whatever reason I was worn out this weekend so instead of writing a blog post last night I was sleeping on the sofa by 9 and in bed before 10.

I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning so I guess getting lots of sleep helped!


Friday I was so excited because we finally got a night off from football. Until about 3 pm when Edward sent me a text saying he had gotten a clock for that night. I was sad.

But it worked out ok.

Saturday was a long day of football for Edward. We were meeting friends for dinner at Nikos and for the first time this year football ran really really late. Edward came home to let me drive Zach home while he showered. We finally got to dinner late but we made it!

It was a fun evening of dinner, drinks and really good food.


In some very sad news my daughter called Saturday night to let me know that they had to put Loco my sons old chihuahua to sleep. He had been ill for a while and had gotten worse and worse. Everyone was very sad and devastated by it. My sister was in charge of grief counseling and I’m sure she is doing a good job.


Sunday was our lazy day at home. We did venture out to the movies to see “flight” and dinner at Jalisco. It was nice to get out for a bit.

Our cold front dropped through around 130 this morning with wind, rain and falling temps. It feels great outside! A caldo day!

The windows at home are open and Edward says Mommacat is beep beeped right next to him. Lucky ducks being able to stay home while I slave away at work. And it’s audit week……yay.

Oh well…..have a great Monday!

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