Open Letter To The Republican Party

I’ve got to tell you I’m kinda shocked. I wrapped up on the sofa last night ready for the long haul, for nail biting and drinking and waiting for the decision to come down. I had no idea the end would be so decisive and quick. In the end it was clear that the United States wasn’t interested in electing a man who told half the nation that they sucked.

The gnashing of teeth, weeping and wailing has started. The world will end. By the end of his second term Obama will have turned the United States into the USSR. The horror!! The Muslim Socialist! Socalized Medicine. Not even born in Ameria! The horror! God will turn his back on America. The end is near. America is fucked.

Here is my response to those sad, sad Republicans. Listen carefully………..

  • You have no one to blame but yourselves.

This election should have been a slam dunk for you. You should have wiped the slate al la Reagan/Carter in 1980. I mean mopped the floor with Obama. It shouldn’t have even been close!!!!!!!! The outcome of the this election should have been known by everyone months ago. Democrats should have been sad and scared. It was easy………like……like….. beating the Detroit Lions. Obama was set for defeat……….. all you had to do was grab it.

All you had to do was come up with a decent candidate. Just one.

That’s it.

And you couldn’t manage to do even that.

You came up with a milk toast millionaire who changes his positions to fit however the wind the blowing. Someone who had all the personality and charisma of while bread. Someone who was so out of touch with ‘real Americans’ that no one could begin to relate to him. My lord the man was born rich, had lived rich and will die rich. Yeah I’ll just borrow money from my parents to start a business rich.

And the worst part is that YOU ALL KNEW IT. As early as Iowa everyone knew that no one really ‘liked’ Romney or thought he was even the best candidate. But apparently he was the least offensive one. It was just his turn.

In all of the huge Republican party you couldn’t track down, groom and get behind a smart, engaging, driven, charismatic, inoffensive candidate????

Apparently not.

I don’t know if it is lack of focus in your party or the splintering from trying to play to the tea party but whatever it is you couldn’t do it. And now you weep and wail and rail.

Blame no one but yourself.

Enjoy the next four years!!!!

BTW the race for 2016 starts today. Lets see who you come up with and if it is Sarah Palin or someone like her I’m going to start thinking that you don’t really want to win.

Author is a lifelong Democrat. While she isn’t thrilled with Obama let’s be honest……he would have to take up clubbing kittens and puppies for sport in his spare time before she would vote for a Republican. She is not even joking. Author has also never received any type if public assistance even when poor enough to qualify. She also dreams if one day being rich enough to actually turn Republican.

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