Grandma and Grandpa Snuggle Time

After two long weeks…………………..we finally got to hold the newest member of our family last night!!!  The family joined us for dinner and we both got lots of time to look at and kiss the baby.

He is so teeny tiny and snuggly.  He is sleeping a lot……’s a lot of work to grow and he has gained 3 oz!  Premie clothes still fit him perfectly.  Vanessa said she tried the newborn size little brother outfit on that we got him and it just swallowed him. He skin is so clear and just lovely and his hands are tiny and perfect.

Lilly insisted on sitting by me for a long time and having me read books.  It’s getting exiting with her, she knows some words now and is trying to read some of the books we have been reading together since she was 2 years old.  She will be reading those books to me before too long!

Giuli is enamored with baby David and makes sure he has on a hat and a blanket at all times.  She also keeps track of his pacifier.  She even gave me a kiss when they left!  Grandpa made friends by sharing his cookies with her.

I am completely in love with all of them!  I’m so excited about all the years to come as we watch them grow up!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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