I Hate Not Feeling Well

I white knuckled it through the day yesterday just dreaming of the moment I could drag myself home and die in peace on my own sofa.

5:01 on the dot I was out of the office and on my way to peaceful slumber on the sofa. But once I got home I had to get the pot roast on the table for dinner. After dinner I had to clean up the kitchen. Then I blissfully changed into my pj’s ready to crash on the sofa………until I remembered…….Crap it’s the first of the month. Find checkbook…..put on clothes……go out to pay money.

Come home ready for PJ’s and the sofa….finally. Wait, Patsy is bringing Lilly over to pick up their Halloween baskets and give us BBQ tickets. No Giuli and no baby because I have a stupid cold.

But we got to see Lilly and hear all about baby David throwing up like the exorcist.

Vanessa said she would try to bring them over on Saturday when hopefully my cold will be gone.

So finally at 8 pm I got back in my jammies and could crash and die in peace.

Now if I can just make it until the end of the day today I can have all weekend to recover. 🙂

So we saw an adorable picture of Rosie and the boys on Halloween.

How adorable are they? Rosie is really hoping for a little girl and Edward swears it’s another boy. We should find out in the next couple of weeks who is right.

Ok….just a few more hours and I can be back home with my baby again. Have a great weekend everyone!



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