Toasty Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I can’t wait for this week to be over and relax a little bit.  We ran like crazy all last weekend and this week has been busy, busy busy.  On Tuesday evening we didn’t get home from visiting the hospital until almost 9 pm.

Even more exciting is that we are supposed to get a big cold front on Friday that will make the weekend downright chilly over the weekend.  I’m thrilled that we might be able to wear something besides capris and short sleeved shirts!!!!! Of course today ahead of the cold front we are supposed to set another record high temperature….ugh.

Last evening while Edward and Zach cut the lawn I ran to the hospital to drop off a few things and catch up on how everyone is doing.  Vanessa will be discharged tomorrow evening and it looks like Baby David could be joining the family at home in just a few days.  He is eating almost enough and mantaining his body temp like a big boy!!  Lillyanna and Giulianna arrived while I was there and were like crazy little indians and when it was time for me to go Lilly wanted to come along.

Since we had to take Zach home later anyway there was no reason for her not to come.

This was her first time seeing our new truck and she said it was ‘a boy truck’ apparently because it was blue……  She was excited to get to the house and drag out all of her toys and cram as much playing as possible into the time she was here.  Its always fun to have Lilly visit….she is so busy and outgoing.   We asked told her we were going to get her socks and underwear for her birthday next month…….lol.  She didn’t seem really too excited.  Since we have been so busy this week things at home aren’t quite as clearn and organized as usual.  In fact Edward’s bag from football is still sitting on the sofa.  When I opened the door Mommacat came popping out from inside the bag…  Weirdo had made herself nice and comfy and slept inside it all day.

After Edward took everyone home we collapsed on the sofa……..sure wish today were Friday.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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