A New Apple On Our Tree

Right after we walked in the door Friday night we got a text from Vanessa that her water had broken and she was in the hospital until she had the baby.

When we saw her on Saturday she was very very uncomfortable. She was having contractions and vomiting. They wanted to keep her pregnant until she got to 35 weeks but the baby seemed determined to come out.

About midnight they called that they were taking her to surgery because the baby’s heart rate kept dropping.

A beautiful 4 lb 5 oz little boy arrived shortly thereafter. We were told he had tons of hair and long fingers and big feet.

We were at the hospital the next morning to meet our new grandson. Vanessa looked really good but was anxious for the day to pass so they would let her get in a wheelchair and go see the baby. She only got a quick glimpse after he was delivered.

I went to the NICU first. I have never been in a NUCU before and it was a little intimidating. We had to scrub and gown up before we could see him. But It was worth it as soon as I saw him. I fell in love at first sight.

He was very unhappy with the oxygen in his nose and actually managed to pull it out while I was there.


I bet David $20 that Edward wouldn’t even touch him…….David owes me $20…..lol.

Edward went in after me and agreed he was a tiny little guy. But his color is good and he was active and crying. I told him he had a rough birthday but next year it would be much better.

They say he will be in the hospital for up to a month but he should be fine.

In the meantime……..welcome to the world and our family as yet unnamed baby Gonzalez!!!!!! We love you!


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One thought on “A New Apple On Our Tree

  1. Kicky

    Awwwww, so glad he is healthy and that Mama is too. The prematurity is rough, but it will be fine.

    xoxo to all!

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