But I Don’t Want It To Be Monday………….

Stomping my foot.  I don’t want it to be Monday and I don’t want to go to work.  Foot stomp.  I want to stay home with my honey or go on a vacation or something……anything but go to work.

I will never adjust to it being the middle of October and 90 degrees.  It feels so wrong.  😦   I want to pull out sweaters, start a fire in the fireplace and bake up a storm.  None of those activities were condusivee to our weather these days.

We didn’t have a very exciting weekend again.  Saturday was football for Edward and housework and errand running for Amy.   I was busy all day long getting everything done.  It’s amazing how long going to the bank, doing a little shopping and getting groceries can take.

Giulianna’s Christmas present arrived safe and sound!!!!!!  She is so pretty.   So many baby dolls that they sell in stores are downright scary looking and I can’t understand why it’s so difficult to make a lovely doll but American Girl always gets it right. 

I can’t wait for Christmas.   Giuli loves baby dolls and I’m sure she will like this one too.  I ordered Lillyanna’s baby dolls last evening so they should show up next week.   It’s going to be a fun Christmas at our house!

It was hot and incredibly windy all day……by the time Edward got home he said it felt like he had 10 lbs of dirt on him.   The first thing he did was take a shower and lay down for a few minutes.   A bit of rest and a glass of wine revived him and we headed out to dinner and drinks.  Dinner this week was Kiko’s which is a mexican place in town.  Afterwards it was off to Politics for a few (or more than a few) drinks.  As always it was fun to have a nice evening out.

Oh on Saturday and finalized by design for my next tattoo I think.  It’s an apple of course and Edward gave me a couple of suggestions to change the one I wanted.  Doing some research online I find the perfect compromise.  It’s beautiful!

Sunday is currently my favorite day of the week…….to not have the alarm go off just makes me HAPPY!!!!   I made a breakfast casserole for breakfast and while getting the jelly out of the refrigerator managed to throw my back out.  I know, who can hurt their back bending over in the fridge???????  Me that’s who.  Bad back and aching knee, I was a treat to be around.

So I loaded up on drugs and kept going about out day with lots of extra breaks to lay down.  I made apple crisp and banana bread so we have lots of treats ready for the week.  All the laundry is done and Edward got the truck washed and vacuumed.   We are ready for this week. 

Well, I guess the faster we get the week started the faster we can get it finished.    Have a great week everyone!

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One thought on “But I Don’t Want It To Be Monday………….

  1. Kicky

    Girl, you need to update.

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