Loving The Cool Weather

Here in the south the first cold front of the season is greeted with unimaginable glee.  After the months of heat and humidity to have the temps plummet to daytime highs in the 60’s is fantastic relief.

Friday evening Edward had a clock at Gregory-Portland and I decided to go along.  It’s always interesting to sit in the stands and people watch……lol.  I ended up sitting with a group of older men who are multiple generation GP fans.  I learned lots about the players….lol.  It was so warm and muggy when we left the house that it didn’t even occur to me to take a jacket but the breeze sure was chilly.

Shortly after we got to the game I sent Edward a text telling him that I was going to be sorry I didn’t bring a jacket.  He told me that it was really chilly in the press box too.   It took a bit after we got home to warm up!!

Saturday was unbelievably warm and muggy.  I went and bought mums for our planters and did all the fall planting.  I was a sweaty mess by the time I was finished but the house looks all nice and ready for fall.  Once football was over and Edward got cleaned up we went to Island Italian for dinner.  He talked about going out for drinks after but it was clear over dinner that the heat and the long day had taken a lot out of him.  He was almost falling asleep at the table.

So after dinner we came home and I opened some wine and we watched the (very sad) Texas game.  Well, I watched it…..Edward fell asleep on the sofa until he gave up and went to bed early.   I stayed up a while waiting for the cold front but it hadn’t arrived when I finally gave up and went to sleep.

But when Edward work me up at 7:30 there was cloud cover and it was CHILLY!!  I immediately opened all the windows in the house.  It felt so nice and the cats were in heaven since we could leave the back door open and they could come and go at will.  This is Mommacats favorite season.  Rascals too although he spent most of Sunday snuggled into our bed.

There was a marathon on AMC of Into The West which Edward has been watching and I was kind of half watching so all day Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed the quiet day.   I was so excited to finally get to make some cold weather foods so at Edward’s request I made chili beans and cornbread for dinner……mmmmmmmmmmm.

All in all we had a quiet and restorative weekend.  Sure wish we had another day to enjoy the weather but it’s back to the salt mines.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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