A Quiet Evening (For A Few Minutes Anyway)

It is a pretty remarkable evening.

First of all my vehicle is……after a long, long time….two mechanics and lots of nail biting.  FIXED!!  And it didn’t even cost us an arm and a leg!  Woohooooooo!

So I left work a little early so I was home and nicely relaxed on the sofa by 5:30.  What an amazing feeling.  And why am I sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine you ask?   Because tonight Edward had to accompany Lillyanna to a Dad and kid pizza party at her school.  Who knew having grandkids would be so much work?????  So while he ‘enjoys’ an evening with what I assume will be a herd of loud children I am reclining on the sofa and enjoying it very much.

He will text me when they are finished and I will put the dinner on the grill.  We can eat when he gets home.

The hummingbirds are a whole swarm tonight.  They are dodging and squeaking and eating all over the place.  The cats are going crazy watching them out the windows.  Its been enjoyable to sit and watch them.

Early this morning about 2:40 am my phone rang giving me a complete heart attack.  No phone call at that hour of the morning is good news and this particular call came from my daughter.  One I woke up enough to speak she asked me why Ed had called her about 10 minutes ago.  Um……Ed was sound asleep in bed next to me with the phone on the nightstand right next to him.

So the next morning when he looked at his found he discovered that she wasn’t the only phone call his phone had made.  At least three other calls and it had sent gibberish texts and there were several other typed but not sent.   He thinks it is his weird after market charger that is doing strange things to his phone.  Personally I think he was either sleep phoning, Spooky has learned to use the phone or (and my personal guess) his phone is posessed.

We wil; try a different charger tonight and see if the ghosts are a bit more quiet……lol.

Ok, Ed called and is on his way home already.  Time to get dinner going.

Happy Hump Day!  😉




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