This Is Weird………

We have lived at this house for…..what is it now……almost 5 years.  Never in that time have we had a real issue with bees or yellow jackets.

Until this year.

Earlier this year we had to kill a nest on the porch above the front door and then Edward got stung when he inadvertently found one in the hose reel when he was watering the yard.   A week ago I pulled off the summer front door decoration (A metal American flag) and found 6 yellow jackets hard a works building a nest behind it.  Right on the glass on the front door! I was really glad I found it when I did.

And then came Saturday.  Edward opened the door and found a whole swarm working on building a new nest on the top of frame of the front door.

When we looked carefully we could see to the left another nest that they started on and abandoned.  What the heck?  I would think that us nuking the past three nests might make them think that our house isn’t an awesome place to build a home but apparently we have a swarm of slow learners.

Just our luck.

I have never been stung by a bee or a wasp and would like to keep my streak going.   So far, however I haven’t found a good remedy to discourage wasps but I will keep looking.  And we will have to be much more vigilant to get them as they get a new home started.  I don’t want any of the grandkids or the cats to get stung.

Guess it’s time to Google a little more………..

Happy Tuesday!

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