Welcome Fall 2012!

Fall has arrived in all her glory.  Ummmm………well, if glory means 95 degree temperatures of course.   So far the only real weather changes we have seen are slightly cooler overnight temperatures and the sun is going down earlier and earlier and coming up later and later.  I’m not a big fan of the sun going down so early.  But I guess it is what it is.

Friday evening Edward had the honor of being Lillyanna’s date to the Father Daughter Sock Hop.    Her mom brought her over to the house for the big date.  Lilly looked so pretty in her 50’s style outfit complete with a poodle purse!

We took a few pictures and they were off to the big party.   Vanessa and Giulianna stayed with me for a while so we could chat.  It’s nice to get have an opportunity to get caught up on everything.  She has started to try to potty train Giuli, Lilly is getting a new teacher this week, they have scheduled the date to induce her labor………all very exiting.

Of course the instant Giuli got in the door she started playing with the sea shells and the wine corks and didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home.  A couple of months ago you couldn’t pry her off her mommy.  Now Mommy was almost to the car and Giuli just waved bye-bye to her.  She got a little cocky going up and down the little step out front until the last time she came off and did a face plant on the sidewalk. But she was a trooper and didn’t even cry.

Edward said that there were about 100 screaming little girls at the dance hopped up on root beer floats, chocolate cake and the sweetest lemonade ever.   Lillyanna ate three pieces of cake, two glasses of punch, one hot dog and a root beer float…….lol.   He was a tired grandpa when he got home.

As for me, after Vanessa and Giuli left I spent the  next hour before Edward got home taking a wonderful nap.  🙂

Saturday was the first weekend for CCYFL so we got to sleep in a little bit then it was a rush getting everything packed up and out the door.  I dropped Edward off and it was hot at 10 am and I knew it would be a long day for him.  Then I was off running errands and trying to get housework caught up.   I ran non-stop until it was time to pick up Edward including a massive trip to the grocery store.  Yuck!

Since it was the first day of fall I changed out the scent in the warmer to the apple cider one and all the potpourri to apple cider.  Edward said the house smelled great when he got home.

I knew Edward would be tired so I offered to make dinner so we could stay in but he wanted to go out.   We went to Salt Water Grill where I had delicious parmesan coated shrimp and a couple of glasses of wine….mmmmmmmmmm.  Then we went to Politics for a few drinks and got sucked into watching the MMA fights again.   Sunday was finally a day when we didn’t have any plans.  We slept in and had a leisurely breakfast but we found out Little Edward had a baseball game at noon.  So by 10:45 am I had made chorizo, potatoes and eggs for breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, had homemade sauce simmering for lasagna and had dessert chilling in the fridge.  It was a productive morning.

At noon we headed to Oso Creek to watch Little Edward play baseball.  He is with a new team these days….the Slam and this was our first opportunity to see them play.

The Slam won their first game but lost the second.  It was a warm day and sure didn’t feel like fall and we were happy that there was shade over the stands and a breeze to help keep things cool.   Its unusual for us to get to see all of the grandkids in one weekend so this was a nice treat.

We got home about 4 pm and I told Edward that the best thing ever was that we didn’t have ANYPLACE we needed to go the rest of the day.   It just feels like we are running non stop these days and dont’ have much down time.  So we changed and got comfy and I put the lasagna in the oven for dinner.

And we settled in to watch ‘western tv’ night.  Into the West and Hell On Wells are very popular shows at our house.  The lasagna was awesome and we are ready for the next work week.  And we even got a pretty sunset to wrap the whole thing up.

Monday and time to get back to the grind.  Have an awesome day everyone!

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