Wonderful Rainy Weekend

We received some much needed, much prayed for rain over the weekend. At long last! Looking at the radar during the day it looked like the house was getting heavy rain most of the day. But at Ed’s and my office we hardly saw anything. Just a few light sprinkles. But as I was leaving work the rain finally seemed to be moving to the west.

Friday evening and Saturday was Lilly Day. Lilly arrived after we got home from work completely excited and overjoyed to be spending the evening with us. Edward had a clock for a varsity football game so she and I spent the evening together. Edward called before game time to let me know that it was storming badly so the start of the game was delayed so I knew it would be a late night.

We started with making stepping stones. It was a fun project but pretty messy…….lol.

After we finished Lilly wanted to snuggle in the sofs and watch a movie. It was just a few minutes and she was out like a light!

Saturday I kept waiting for her to come and wake me up. Finally around 9:30 I hit up only to find that she had been up for a while playing. She also was letting the cats in and out of the house.  They were in heaven.  How sweet is she to let us sleep in!   Since it was Lilly day we had her favorite breakfast…..pancakes and bacon.  Yummy!

After breakfast we headed to the mall for some shopping. Stop one was Build A Bear where I let her get whatever she wanted. After much deliberation and agonizing she decided on a fancy blue bunny.   She picked out an outfit for day wear and a pair of pajamas and walked out happy as a clam. She named her bunny Isabella (Bella) and carried her everywhere the rest of the weekend.

I promised her if she was good at school all week we could pick out another outfit for the bunny. Incentives!!

The rest of the day was a blur of cookie baking (yes I was lazy and used a mix this time), playing at the park, and finally dinner at McDonalds.

Lilly begged and negotiated to spend the night again Saturday night. But she had to go home. By the time her Mom came to pick her up I was exhausted and more than ready for a lovely glass of wine. (Maybe two) We even collapsed into bed early.

Sunday we woke up to more clouds and rain. No beach this weekend. After breakfast we went into town to do a little more shopping. While we were in Big Lots the skies opened up and it began to pour and pour and pour. So home we went to snuggle in and watch a little Sunday football. It was a quiet day but relaxing. Something both Edward and I needed after Saturday.

This was our last weekend ‘off’ in a while. CCYFL starts next weekend so Sunday’s will be our only free days. Sigh……………………

I refilled our hummingbird feeder on Friday morning. By Saturday morning the hummingbirds had found the feeder and were fighting all over it. They are so pretty to watch but I sure wish they wouldn’t fight.

I hope we will have a good fall with lots of birds.

Ok….time to make the donuts! Have a great Monday everyone!



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