Its Beginning To Feel A Bit Like Fall

And it is GLORIOUS!!!!  The temperatures have plummeted to the low 90’s!  I KNOW….BRRRRRRRR!

Friday evening Edward had a clock at Tuloso-Midway High School.  I wisely chose to stay home and get caught up on a few things at home.  It’s really nice to have the house to myself on occasion so I can putter around and straighten and dust etc without worrying about disturbing Edward.    I felt much more organized when he got home for a nice late dinner.

Saturday we slept in late.  Then I made a run to Stripes for tacos, a run to the store for groceries and finally a trip to get my haircut.  Lol…..all before Noon too!   In the afternoon we explored a new tool store in town and went to Target to look for a few things.  It had been at least a year since I was last in Target and even longer for Edward.  But we found a case for the new camera and I picked up the very first new baby outfits!  Getting to be almost time!!!!!  Just a couple of months to go!

Apparently the little guy is quite a kicker……Vanessa said she thinks he is going to be a kick boxer.

By the time we left Target we could see clouds off the North-West.  We had been anticipating our first ‘cold’ front of the season and were hoping that it would bring us a little rain.  We were supposed to go see the Hooks play on Saturday night but with a Friday night loss they were swept in the series freeing up Saturday night.  😦    So we came home for a late afternoon nap and when we got up the clouds had moved south without giving us any rain and it was still muggy and hot.

But late in the evening……or early in the morning I stepped outside and suddenly it felt nice.  While not cold it was cooler and the humidity was gone.  Yippppeeeee!  Not cool enough to sleep with the windows open but much, much better then we have had.

Sunday morning was spectacular.  It felt so nice out when we got up and stepped outside.  We headed out for a beach day…….it’s a very good chance it was out last one of the season.  That makes me pretty sad too.

There were light clouds and it was actually almost chilly so I spent lots of time in the sun.  I was fascinated by the clouds all afternoon.  They looked so different from what we usually see in the summer.   Since I spent all day in the sun that it probably goes without saying that I burned myself to a freaking crisp.  Sigh.   Oh well, maybe it was the last burn of the season? (Always looking on the positive side)

Edward took along with net and practiced throwing it.  One throw he came up with 10…..thats right 10 little fish!!!!

Yes I only got 5 in the picture because those little suckers were good at leaping off the sand and back into the water.  He said he saw a school of them and tossed and game up with a bunch!

It was a quiet afternoon spent listening to waves and enjoying the sunshine.   I’m pretty sad that beach season is pretty much over.  I love those afternoons. I guess we will have to replace it with listening to football.

But the one thing that was most awesome about my weekend?  I got to spend all of it with my honey.  I am so thankful that we get to spend the time on weekends together.  Waking up on Saturday and Sunday morning knowing that we have all day together is so wonderful   After all these years he still makes me laugh every day.

We are blessed with the life we have together.

Have a great week everyone!

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