I Am Being A Very Bad Blogger

I think it probably has to do with working almost 50 hours a week for the past however many weeks that is sucking the life right out of me….and not in a good way.   I have little in life outside of work, eating, drinking and collapsing into bed.

Sigh…..and it sucks.

Ok……so remember a week or whatever ago when I moved the sofas and found a gazillion or so cat toys underneath them?  Well, I gathered them all together in an old halloween bucket which has turned into ‘BOBBING FOR BALLS” for the cats.

No….its not as dirty as that sounds.

So the bucket sits there filled with delightful toys until someone decides they need to get one out.  Then they dig and dig and claw until finally extacting the toy of choice.

We had quite of a bit of fun over the weekend watching each cat trying to get their favorite toy out of the bucket.  Often, they would get something out only it wouldn’t be the toy they were looking for so back into the bucket they would go!

Tuesday evening I picked up my ‘new’ new camera!  YAY!  Even if it cost me $150 more than the old ‘new’ camera.  Its a Canon Powershot SX40.   This camera takes rechargeable batteries so I had to charge them on Tuesday evening and didn’t get a real chance to play with it.  Last night I tried taking a couple pictures of the moon…………

Pretty decent picture if I say so myself!  I’m excited to get to Hill Country this weekend and give it a real workout!  This bad boy has lots of settings and I need to put in some real work to use it to it’s full potential.

I have so much to get done this evening.  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for hill country so tonight will be devoted to grocery shopping, laundry, packing and whatever else has to be done.  I am really looking forward to a weekend away!!!!!  Woohooooooo!!!!!  Guess I should finish the menu at some point today.  🙂

My honey got me another gift over the weekend: A boom box that will play the music on our IPhones.  We plan to take that with us and listen to music while relaxing on the deck with cocktails.  Its going to be a great weekend.  Hot and sunny the whole time!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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