Better Late Than Never………

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog earlier.  Usually I try to write my blog the evening before so I have time to sleep on it but Sunday night I wasn’t feeling too awesome so I decided to say forget it and head to bed.

Good nights sleep and I was feeling fine just in time for Monday morning…………

We had a fairly low-key and uneventful weekend.   I actually got caught up on  little sleep too!

After work on Friday we went to one of my favorite places for dinner….Railroad Seafood Station.  They have good margaritas, great avocado salads and awesome shrimp.It’s always nice to relax after a long week.

The weatherman (aka BIG LIERS) said that Sunday was supposed to be a rainyish day so we packed up the truck and went to the beach on Saturday.  In case you are keeping track we  have only skipped the beach one weekend this whole summer.

It turned out to be a lovely beach day but the surf was pretty high and rough.  We still played in water quite a bit and took naps.    As always it was a nice day.  We got home in time to rent and watch ‘The Hunger Games”.  I really enjoyed the books so it was interesting to see how they adapted it for the big screen.   As usual, they left out a lot of information that I think was helpful to understanding the story but over all they did a reasonably good job.  Edward thought the ending sucked but then I explained that it was just the first part of the trilogy.

Sunday morning we slept in late and then woke in anticipation of the rain to come.  Sadly we were disappointed.   😦   We only got a few sprinkles all darn day.   Sigh.  We were really looking forward to getting some rain.

As usual we spent Sunday catching up on things at home.  I decided it was time to do battle with the dust bunnies under the sofas in the living room.  GROSS!  I moved the first sofa and in addition to the dust there were 19 kitty cat balls and 6 hair ribbies.  Under the second sofa were another 5.  I had no idea they had soooooo many toys!!!!

Of course as soon as I got everything collected Spooky started pulling everything out and playing with them.

 She played and played until she crashed on the sofa with Mommacat.   Speaking of MommaCat she is finally feeling all better so I can stop getting clawed every day.  She doesn’t take her medicine gracefully that’s for sure!

We did make time to go the movies in the afternoon.  We went and say “The Campaign”.  Pretty amusing movie.  Probably not the funniest movie ever but it was fairly entertaining.

In some not so great news I heard from my sister over the weekend that one of my 43-year-old cousins has been diagnosed with squamous cell sarcoma in his left tonsil.  He had surgery to remove the tonsil and will have another surgery this week to remove the infected lymph nodes.  That will be followed by chemo and radiation treatment.  The doctors are encouraged that he isn’t a smoker so that helps.

His dad was Rachel’s godfather who we lost to an aortic aneurysm when he was only 45 so this is especially hard on them as well as his Mom.  I heard from her this morning and she said it is just a complete nightmare that she can’t wake up from.

I hate cancer.

Ok thats about it for today.  It’s already bedtime……….time for snuggles!   Goodnight!

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