Friday Already?

Surprisingly enough this week seemed to fly by in a flash! This is excellent news because the sooner the weekend arrives the better. I guess that’s what happens when you run from dawn until way after dark every single day.

Poor MommaCat got sick on Wednesday morning with a UTI. Poor baby wasn’t feeling well at all. So I have had the fun of trying to pour antibiotics down her throat twice a day. She is not a fan of this and the scratches on my hands will testify to that fact. But after the first dose she found a comfy spot and slept most of the day and has been back to acting like her old self.

We have a few things planned for this weekend. Tonight we are going out to dinner although we haven’t decided where yet. Since the weather forecast gets a little iffy starting on Sunday we will head to the beach on Saturday. I love Saturdays at the beach because there is no rush to get home and get everything cleaned up. Saturday evening my company is having a ‘beat the heat’ party at the new local water park. We haven’t decided if we are going to go or not. My guess is if we are at the beach all day we will probobably pass on it.

Not sure about Sunday yet but I’m pretty sure grocery shopping and laundry will be part of it.

The weather forecast is calling for rain starting on Sunday. Fingers crossed that this actually pans out……………………

Hopefully we will wake up Sunday morning to rain on the roof!!!

Have a great weekend everyo………







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