I Wish It was Sunday

But it’s Monday again already…………………………………..Sigh

Last week was a tough, tough one for both Edward and I at work.  So by the time Edward picked me up after work on Friday we were both just exhausted and grateful to have two days with out plans.   On the way home we stopped at Chili’s for dinner and a couple of margaritas.  After two drinks we were both ready to go home and crash and that is exactly what we did.

Personally I was really, really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.  So you can imagine my joy when Edward decided it was time to wake me up at 6:30 the next morning.  :-/

We decided  Saturday would be our day to stay home and not do anything.  Wow…..for ‘not doing anything’ I sure managed to do a whole lot.  Ugh…….

First I made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.  Then Edward told me that it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day so I really should make cookies.   That meant I had to go to the store and since I was already there I did the grocery shop for the week.   Then it was home to unload groceries, make cookies, clean up the kitchen again, do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, scrub the floors, make dinner, clean up the stupid kitchen AGAIN, dust, pack the stuff for the beach on Sunday and finally collapse on the sofa right about bedtime.

The good news is that I actually got the house in order and ready for this week.  Thats always a good feeling to go into the week caught up instead of trying to play catch up.  Especially since I am working so much overtime it makes it almost impossible to catch up during the week.

Sunday was the designated beach day of the week.  Edward packed the truck Saturday evening so we were all ready to go.  Sadly, clouds started to roll in and we were sure that we would get rain but we headed to the beach with Keith and Susan anyway.  The radar looked pretty ominous so we weren’t sure how the day would turn out.  While it was cloudy  we didn’t get any rain and we still had a nice time. 

Of course even with the cloud cover I managed to get a nice little sunburn……..sigh.  One day I might learn that I have to put on sunscreen no matter what.

Well lets get Monday over with…………have a great day everyone!

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