We Now Return To Our Regular Programming……………..

🙂  Time to get life back to normal.  It’s not always easy but we need to get started.

Saturday we took the time for a much, much, much needed beach day.  We had planned it well in advance of Friday but the timing couldn’t have been better.   The weather was HOT and sunny.  Our friend Susan joined us for a most excellent day relaxing in the surf, enjoying the sun, drinking a cocktail or two and leaving all the stress of life behind.

There was a lot of seaweed again but the water was warm and waves were light.  We stayed out there all day long and well into the evening.   It was a great, great day and we even got a pretty sunset.  If we had firewood I think we would have stayed even later.

We stayed up late on Saturday evening so it was time to  sleep in a little late on Sunday morning.  At least until a dog outside started barking and woke me up.  Edward said when he went to the kitchen all three cats were sitting at the back door just waiting for someone to let them in.  He said they looked like that lady from the old Mervyns commercial…….open, open, open……lol.   Then Edward nicely took me out for breakfast and we spent the day relaxing before a new week started.  I love lazy Sundays!

Last night was our annual group night at the Corpus Christi Hooks.  It was a nice evening for baseball but it turned out to be a boring game.   The Hooks were badly defeated.   But we had another pretty sunset!  Lol!

As always it was a fun evening of baseball and spending time with friends.

The weather is hot and sultry again…….high temperatures are suposed to be almost 100 every day this week.  Time for some more beach days!!!!  🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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