Halfway Point Of Summer

Hard to believe it but this weekend was the halfway point between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  While that isn’t the ‘official’ summer season it is the one that everyone pays the most attention too.  The year is more than half over and any second now we are going to be on the downhill side to Christmas.  In fact I told Edward this afternoon that it was time for us to get started buying Christmas gifts.  Better to start early than play catch up in December.  Especially with two more people to buy for!

Friday evening Edward and I finally got to go out to dinner and celebrate our anniversary.   Better late than never I guess. ………….we decided to go to Doc’s Seafood which is on the water and has a nice view of the sunset.   We even managed to beat the rush and got seated right away.

The only thing we forgot was that since they are all open to the outside it was going to be pretty warm.  But they had lots of fans going and it wasn’t too warm.   We did decide over dinner that we need to make more of an effort to go eat at places we haven’t been to before.  So once a month we are going to go and eat someplace completely new.  I’m looking forward to that, we do tend to go to the same laces over and over and over again.

After dinner we went to Politics for a few drinks and then home to relax.

The weather had been kind of rainy off and on most of last week and Saturday was supposed to be the wettest day of the weekend.  So we decided to use Saturday to finish errands and then go to the beach on Sunday.

Saturday we ran around most of the dinner but finally went to the movies to see “Ted’ in the evening and then to Applebees for a very late dinner.  Ted was pretty funny like almost everyone said and I couldn’t believe how packed the theatre was.   I’m not sure the couple who brought their two year old daughter to that particular selection made the most responsible parenting choice but oh well.

Sunday morning (When Ed woke me up waaaaay too early as usual) we got up and I started to make breakfast when I noticed that the light outside look weird.  I commented that it looked more like how the light looks when there is smoke and stepped outside.  I could clearly smell smoke outside.

Turns out there is a wildfire some distance away at the National Seashore that was started by a lightening strike.  Wind must have turned just right for a little bit and blew the smoke our way but it cleared up.

Lucky for us the wildfire was far enough away so it didn’t impact our beach day.  We got to the beach around noon and it looked pretty nice.  We got an hour or two of nice sunshine but then the clouds rolled in.   For a little while we could hear thunder in the distance but it turned out to not even sprinkle on us.  But it was almost chilly. 

We had some friends join us for the afternoon and even under grey leaden skies we had a very nice time.  And BONUS……no worries about getting sunburned!!!!!

As always this weekend went by far faster than it should have.  😦  Oh, I did get started on my new, expanded picture wall!  Hopefully I can finish it up tonight.

Time to get to work so I can get home to my honey as soon as I can.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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