No Snuggles for Amy…………………….

I’ll explain why in a second………

So Wednesday was our first beach evening of the season.  We love beach nights!  No worried about sunburn, sunshade, packing for a long day.   All we have to do is show up with a cooler, a pizza and a couple of chairs and we are all set.   No need to mess with sunblock…….in fact there is little need for swimsuits.  😉

When we first got to the beach there was a huge school of fish swimming right up next to the shore.  Edward wasn’t sure if they were mullet or whitings but there must have been a million of them!   They continues to run the whole time we were there.  Every time a wave crested you could see tons of fish swimming through it.  It is always interesting how there can be tons of fish in the water but when you get into the water none of the fish touch you.  They are sure talented!

We enjoyed our time watching the sun set, the birds and all of the fish that were running in the waves.   Some friends joined us for a bit and we stayed until it was totally dark and pulled into the driveway right about 10 pm.  I was ready for a shower and bed.

We got home and I ran inside and jumped in the shower to clean up.   Just as I was finishing Edward came in and said he had gotten a call that Vanessa wasn’t feeling well and her OB wanted her to go to the ER to be checked.  Since he wasn’t cleaned up yet I quickly rinsed off,  blew my hair dry, got dressed and headed out to pick her up.  While I did that Edward emptied everything out of the truck so we had room for the girls.

I drove her to the ER.  I offered to stay but she said I should just bring the girls hometo sleep and she would call if she needed anything.   Lilly, Giuli and I got back to the house about 11 pm and somewhere in transit both girls got their second wind.

 We suddenly had two wild indians on our hands.  Giuli followed me all over the house saying ‘MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM”…….lol.  Lilly wanted to cram as much playtime as possible into every single second.

Neither one of the girls was the least bit interested in going to bed but finally at 1 am I had Lilly bedded down in the guest room watching a cartoon on the TV.  Ok, it probably wasn’t a kids cartoon….near as I could tell it involved zombies but I was past caring.  Then I walked Giuli around for around 3o minutes until she fell asleep.  Finally!!  I carefully laid her down on our bed and Edward and I climbed in on either side of her.

I wish someone could explain to me the physics of how a 25 lb baby can manage to take complete control of at least 75% of the bed the whole night.  We were left hugging onto thing strips on each side of the bed.  Then Mommacat decided she HAD to sleep with me too.  So I was on my side with my legs at a weird angle unable to change positions the whole night.  (Or what was left of the night anyway)

Finally Edward got a text from Vanessa about 4:30 saying she had been released and everything was fine.  A cousin took her home so she could get some rest.  By this point Giuli was laying spread eagle in the middle of the bed…  She also refuses to be covered up.  Vanessa had told us that before but I had never seen it.  If you try to put even a sheet on her she instantly kicks it off…….lol.

The alarm went off waaaaay to early for me and I did seriously consider calling into work but instead I got up and ready.  Then I made sure breakfast was cooked for everyone before heading to the office.  Edward said Lilly was awake about 8:30 and Guili around 10.  He fed them breakfast, let them play, talked them into going swimming some other time and then took them home to their Mom.

So that’s why Edward and Amy didn’t get to snuggle on Wednesday night. But we are sure going to snuggle tonight!

Its nice that we can be there for them when they need us.  And it was nice that Lilly finally got to spend the night at our house.  She wants to come back soon for swimming pool time.  We will have to make that happen soon.

Little Edward’s Sandcrabs are in the final day of the World Series today.  So far they are undefeated………..only four games to win on Friday!!!!  Lets go Sandcrabs!

We had to run an errand last evening and saw a spectacular red ball sunset.  It never comes across well in pictures but it was GIANT and so cool.

We actually got some pretty decent rain overnight…..wahooooo!!!   Weather says it should (Hopefully) be kind of a rainy weekend.   I sure hope so.  And Amy got plenty of snuggles last night.  🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

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