Sizzling Weekend

Down by the seashore where life is a little easier!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.   We enjoyed our weekend a lot even if it was humid and sizzling hot.

Friday evening we met friends at Politics for a few drinks.  They had a live band that evening that was really good and played tons of good songs.  We had a ‘few’ cocktails………..and enjoyed the evening out!

We stayed out pretty late and once we got home we stayed up even later.

So Saturday we slept in late and then spent a quiet day of catch up at home………….it always feels good to have the house clean and the organized and ready for the week. Plus it was very hot out so staying in and watching movies seemed like an excellent choice. I did make the time to go and really buy proper groceries.  I hadn’t managed to do that in a while so it’s a good project finished.

I love how wonderful the fruit is in the summer so I made a delicious fruit salad to take to the beach on Sunday.

Watermelon, green and red grapes, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Mmmmmmmm……….delicious!   I am eating lots and lots of fruit salad this time of year.

Sunday was hot and breezy.  We got to the beach a little before noon and it was downright windy there.   Friends joined us and we spent the afternoon enjoying some sangria and the water.  Edward has been making sangria and it is our new favorite ‘at the beach drink’……it is so refreshing and tastes great.

Edward was on sunburn patrol and he was vigilant to make sure I had plenty of sunscreen on and that I stayed in the shade most of the time.

And I didn’t get burned again.  Woohoooo!!!!!!

The under tow in the water was brutal.  It was quite a workout when we tried to cool off.  And the wind got stronger and stronger.  Pretty soon the sand was blowing and our awning even bent.   So now Edward has a new project……to fix the awning before next weekend when we are going with the family to celebrate his birthday.

We stayed until late afternoon then packed up and headed home.  It took a while to clean everything up and put it away and then pack up for Monday.  I was worn out by the time we finished and ready for a nice nights sleep.

Busy week again this week.   Tonight we are meeting friends for dinner and the off to the Hooks game.  Three games in week……….but we always have fun!  But first we have to finish a busy work day.  Have a great Monday!

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