Sultry Summer Friday!

Summer has arrived in the Coastal Bend in all it’s glory……….and by glory I mean heat and humidity.    We set a record high temperature yesterday of 97 and it was so humid in the morning.   Mommacat made ugly faces when the humidity hit her face when we tried to let her out.  Then she decided to just stay inside all day in the air conditioning.  Can’t blame her for that!  It is HOT out there.

We went to the Hooks game again last evening, second night in a row, so that we could get our very own Hooks garden gnome.  How cute!It was another lovely evening for baseball and we ended up sitting right next to some friends and in the same section as another friend!  Our row also won free sausages!  Woohooooo!!!!  It was also Armed Forces Recognition night so the Patriot Guard was there with lots of flags and patriotic music.

In exciting news I could put on a bra this morning with out terrible pain.  I don’t know why I always have to get a terrible burn each year to remember why I don’t want to get a burn.  Or maybe its that I have to get a burn to get a base for my tan…..either way I’m glad it’s almost gone.  Still a few bad spots that are still red but it’s much much better!  Edward might be able to touch me tonight…….lol!

No big plans for the weekend but I”m sure we will come up with something to do.  Hopefully it won’t involve anymore sunburns!  🙂

Happy weekend everyone!






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