Yes I’m Still Alive

Happy Thursday! Its been a busy week and I haven’t had much chance to blog. Or do anything else really.

We went to the Hooks game last night with Edward and Rosie. It was a lovely evening for baseball and it was a really good game. At least until the 5th inning when our pitching fell apart.

We haven’t been to many games so far this rear but we are starting to make up for it this week! We are going again tonight (Garden gnome night!!!!!!!!) and again Monday with friends.


Since I just recently got my spiffy IPhone I don’t have much music in it. And I like music while I’m wading through work some days. Like today So a friend said he would put some music on it me ……all i had to do was give him a list

So i started putting a list together. Yikes…….I think Gonzo is in for a bigger project than he expected. When I topped 200 songs and I was still going strong I decided maybe I should just buy a few to get me started.

If Apple shows a jump in profits this quarter well, you’re welcome.

It’s a weird mix of everything I like which is pretty much…,,..everything. At the game last night I made Ed use an app on his phone to find the names of several of the players songs.


Ok time to get back to work since my baby is picking me up right at 5 for the game. Have a great Thursday!!!!!

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